a person at work after receiving their homeland security degree

High school students who want an exciting career working for the government in some capacity might consider a degree in homeland security. Named after a government department that was created in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11, this degree program focuses on a number of important things that every government, from local to national, needs.

Since studying homeland security is a newer concept, you more than likely have some questions about what the program entails, as well as what you can do once you’ve earned the degree. Here’s what you need to know about this crucial program.

What Does a Degree in Homeland Security Include?

Focusing on a mix of both criminal justice and homeland security topics, getting a degree in this field teaches students more about crime and security. Students will gain knowledge about why people commit crimes, the various types of crimes, including white collar and cybercrime, and plenty of other topics that are relevant to this field, like counterterrorism and how to analyze various forms of intelligence.

Learn More About Emergency Planning

One of the main concentrations that students will focus on while getting a homeland security degree is emergency planning. Every company and government agency, no matter how big or small, needs to be prepared in the event of an emergency. By focusing on this subject, students will learn how to put together an emergency plan for every possible circumstance, including natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, as well as fires, terrorist attacks and more.

Who Hires Homeland Security Degree Holders?

Practically every company needs someone who can put together an emergency management plan. On top of that, those who have a degree in homeland security can work for government agencies, NGOs, nonprofit organizations and even private businesses. Some of the many careers that they may find themselves in include law enforcement, emergency management, business operations, immigration services, information technology, cyber security and more. There are plenty of fields that require these skills and even more will appear over time.

The Field is Continually Growing

Overall, the field of homeland security is constantly growing. As more and more companies realize the importance of everything that people with a specialization in this field have to offer, they will start creating positions and hiring graduates. Whether students end up with a specialization in loss prevention, travel security or anywhere else, with a homeland security degree, they’ll be able to find a job with ease.

Are You Ready to Study Homeland Security?

If you want to study homeland security and get a degree in the field, then look no further than Dean College. We have a degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Management that allows you to choose one of two different concentrations, including homeland security, to specialize in. With courses in subjects like security risk management and emergency management planning, you’ll be ready for any number of government-based careers. Ready to take the next step? Request more information, today!