Dean College communications majors on television set discussing which communications degree is right for them

Communications is a huge field that applies to everything from jobs in the radio and television industries to online and print publications, media and more. If you want to work in the field, you’ll need to choose a communications degree program that includes courses in the specific topics that you’d like to learn. Or you could go with a well-rounded degree that touches on everything, providing you with the skills to work in any segment of the communications field.

Wondering which path to take? Here’s how you can determine which communications degree is right for you.

What Will You Be Studying?

The number one thing to look at when choosing a communications program is which courses are included. Some might be based on old-school ideals where print media is the main focus, so you’ll be taking a lot of writing courses. However, others include classes in modern forms of media, like writing for the web and podcasts. It makes sense to pick a program that will teach you the skills to get into the particular niche that you want for your communications career.

Do You Have a Specific Career Field in Mind?

Along those lines, it makes sense to consider the career field that you want to pursue when choosing a degree program. For example, if you prefer the world of broadcasting, then a program that teaches plenty of on-air and off-air skills, like announcing and editing, will be your best option. However, if you love sports and want to choose it for your communications career, then a specialty program in sports broadcasting might be the right fit. It all comes down to making that important decision.

The Advantages of a Well-Rounded Program

There’s something to be said about a communications program that’s very well rounded. If you spend your time learning about every aspect of the field, from audio to video and even writing, then you’ll be prepared for a job in just about every niche. Whether you want to get into podcasting, public relations, web writing, or any other specialty, you’ll have the skills to do so. Plus, so many of these skills work together in order to make you the more well-rounded candidate that employers prefer.

Are There Opportunities on Campus?

On top of the knowledge gleaned from the courses that a college program offers, you’re going to need some hands-on experience. One question to ask is “what kind of opportunities are there on campus?” Dean College has radio and television stations run by students, as well as newspapers and online publications. The more involved you are with these organizations, the more experience you’ll receive. Plus, it looks good on a resume!

Consider Dean College

If you want a career in communications, then a degree in the field from Dean College might be your best option. With a well-rounded program that teaches skills in media writing, digital video production, digital audio production, and web design and social media, you’ll be ready for just about any job in the broad world of communications that comes your way!