Dean College Campus in the fall.

Dear Dean College Community,

It has been a thoughtful time since my initial message to the Dean Community where I stated our unwavering stance on equality and the need to end systemic racism in our society. In that communication, I outlined that Dean would take concrete actions to deepen our collective understanding and empower our Community as citizens, as we do our part to embrace social responsibility and contribute to building an antiracist society and Community that acknowledges and affirms that Black Lives Matter.

As one of our first steps toward achieving this goal, I am introducing the formation of the Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Work Team. The mission of this team is to help Dean College ensure an equitable campus environment for all students, faculty and staff that is free from discrimination and harassment, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, age or genetic information.

The Team will include members spanning our alumni, faculty, student body and staff and is being asked to make certain that social responsibility, racial justice, equity and an understanding of antiracism are core to our Mission and Vision. They are being asked to:

  • provide continuing guidance for our Community on issues related to equity, racial justice, and social responsibility across our curriculum and all aspects of campus life;
  • work with Dean’s leadership team to ensure equitable behaviors define the day-to-day culture for students, faculty and staff;
  • provide two-way channels of communication with stakeholders regarding equity in all aspects of campus life, allowing for feedback and thoughtful discussion; and
  • develop training for students, faculty and staff to address social responsibility, racial justice, and equity.

The Team will be responsible to me, with a blank canvas of methods and opportunities all tied to the group’s primary function of ensuring that social responsibility, racial justice, and equality are core to Dean College’s Mission and Vision as represented in the life of our campus—in the classroom and beyond. 

The Team will communicate with our Community once they have information to share and plans for how to involve our Community in their work. 


Dr. Paula M. Rooney, President
Dean College