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Graduating Student Awards

Each spring, Dean College recognizes its outstanding graduates. We celebrate our graduating students’ significant accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom. These students have excelled academically and in service, making a lasting impact on Dean College. We are delighted to announce the following award recipients.

Alumni Council Award

The Alumni Council Award is given to a graduating student who has exhibited extraordinary devotion and service to the College through volunteerism while maintaining high academic standing.  

This year, the Alumni Council Award is presented to:

  • Angel Rivera

Campus Involvement Award

The Campus Involvement Award is presented to students who have persistently and diligently devoted their time and effort to the co-curricular life of the College in such a manner that their involvement has made a notable difference in one or more club, organization or athletic team. 

The Campus Involvement Award is presented to:

  • Mariah Sheirer

Bulldog Spirit Award

The Bulldog Spirit Award is presented to the students who have demonstrated Dean spirit, pride, loyalty and a commitment to making a difference. The students have freely given of their time and could always be counted on to bring others together to get the job done. These individuals are true Bulldogs and display a joy for living each day to its fullest. 

The Bulldog Spirit Award is presented to: 

  • Tyler Martins
  • Kelsey Blass

The Excellence in Leadership Award

The Excellence in Leadership Award is the highest leadership honor bestowed on a student. It is awarded to the student who has contributed significantly to the extra- and co-curricular life of the College throughout the past four years. Nominees include, but are not limited to, students who have held executive officer positions in clubs and organizations or important leadership positions in some other capacity.  

This year, the Excellence in Leadership Award is presented to:

  • Emily Goyette
  • Ashley Jeanty

Arthur W. Peirce Prize

The Arthur W. Peirce Prize was established by the Class of 1917 to be awarded annually to a member of the graduating class who is honest and loyal in character, as well as friendly and cooperative in spirit. This class also wanted to recognize a student who not only works hard but believes in and honors what is good in all their classmates. These were the traits so characteristic of Arthur W. Peirce, who served as headmaster of Dean Academy from 1897 to 1934.

This year, the Arthur W. Peirce Prize is presented to:

  • Zoë Coleman

Trustees’ Prizes

The Trustees’ Prizes are awarded in each of our Schools. The Trustees’ Prize is presented to the student deemed by the faculty of their School to be the outstanding graduating student in their respective discipline(s). Recipients of a Trustees’ Prize have distinguished themselves in the classroom and represent truly outstanding effort and scholarship.

The Trustees’ Prize for the School of the Arts, Bachelor’s Degree Program is presented to:

  • Zion Hall

The Trustees’ Prize for the School of Business, Associate Degree Program is presented to:

  • Justin Ong

The Trustees’ Prize for the School of Business, Bachelor’s Degree Program is presented to:

  • Angel Rivera

The Trustees’ Prize for the Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance, Bachelor’s Degree Program is presented to:

  • Anaia Cayode

The Trustees’ Prize for the School of Liberal Arts, Associate Degree Program is presented to:

  • Itsuki Matsutani

The Trustees’ Prize for the School of Liberal Arts, Bachelor's Degree Program is presented to:

  • Alyssa Lambert

The Trustees’ Prize for General Excellence

The Trustees’ Prize for General Excellence is the most prestigious honor the College awards to graduating students. These awards are presented to students who are not only recognized for their exemplary scholarship, but also for demonstrating loyalty and outstanding contributions to the College. 

The Trustees’ Prize in General Excellence, Bachelor’s Degree Program is presented to:

  • Jada Fields

Graduating Honors Scholars

Dean College Honors Program is proud to recognize the Spring 2023 graduating Honors Scholars. This recognition, developed by the College in 2010, is designed to acknowledge those students who have been active in the Honors Program during their entire time at Dean. These students have taken honors courses throughout their degree program and excelled in them. They have participated in honors program activities and they have earned outstanding grades overall. These students have challenged themselves academically by enrolling in the most rigorous courses on campus. In addition to having an honors scholar designation on their transcript, these students also have the privilege of wearing the Dean College Honors Scholar Cord at graduation.

The following Bachelor’s Degree students are graduating as Honors Scholars:

  • Kaylee Armitage
  • Alexandra Bezio
  • Jessica Weinberg
  • Anaia Cayode
  • Zoë Coleman
  • Madison Collier
  • Delaney Corcoran
  • Liv Cunha
  • Angelina Damiani
  • Jagan Daughters
  • Hillary Desmond
  • Cassaundra Glover
  • Sarah Graeff
  • George Hathaway
  • Mellissa Healey
  • Lindsey Hoover
  • Ashley Jeanty
  • Wolf Kane
  • Elisha Lesure
  • Rhisma Louis-Graham
  • Alexandra Marie
  • Elizabeth McGowan
  • Anna Mele
  • Alexandra Mello
  • Sarah Michaud
  • Cortney Owen
  • Alexis Pungitore
  • Valerie Rossacci
  • Mariah Sheirer
  • Theresa Sullivan
  • Hayley White
  • Michael Villodas

Congratulations, Bulldogs!