Dean College Ray House, Office of Admissions

Dean College is preparing to open a new Admissions Visitor Center to elevate the college tour experience for prospective students and their families and better accommodate the thousands of visitors who come to Dean each year.

Located at 137 School Street, the new Admissions Visitor Center will offer one central place that makes it easier for visitors to get to Dean, park at the building and be greeted by Admissions staff. The building will host daily campus tours, info sessions, local groups, presentations, admissions interviews and more. Located across the street from the Dean College Children’s Center and residence halls, it will also provide a more convenient starting point for the campus tour and improve upon the overall visitor experience offered by Ray House, the current Admissions building.

The Admissions Visitor Center will be staffed Monday through Friday and for weekend events. The building will undergo cosmetic updates and technological upgrades before it opens later this year.