Dean College students on campus

Dean College Honors Program is proud to recognize the December 2023 graduating Honors Scholars. This recognition, developed by the College in 2010, is designed to acknowledge those students who have been active in the Honors Program during their entire time at Dean. These students have taken honors courses throughout their degree program and excelled in them. They have participated in honors program activities and they have earned outstanding grades overall. These students have challenged themselves academically by enrolling in the most rigorous courses on campus. In addition to having an honors scholar designation on their transcript, these students also have the privilege of wearing the Dean College Honors Scholar Cord at graduation.

The following Bachelor’s Degree students are graduating as Honors Scholars:

  • Natalie Lapointe
  • Olivia Marin
  • Luke Palmer
  • Shania Velleca
  • Janis Walker

Congratulations, Bulldogs! Learn more about the Dean College Honors Program.