Dr. Charles Steinberg at the Dean College podium giving his presentation for the Dean Leadership Institute.

Dean Leadership Institute was pleased to welcome Dr. Charles Steinberg, president of the Worcester Red Sox, the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, as the first speaker of the fall semester for the Dean Leadership Institute.

Dean College Chancellor Edward Augustus introduced “Dr. Charles”, whose career in baseball began 40+ years ago with an internship with the Baltimore Orioles, his hometown team. Dr. Charles joined the Worcester Red Sox, known as the Pawtucket Red Sox at the time, as president on November 15, 2015, after many years as Executive Vice President of the Boston Red Sox.

Dr. Charles spoke to our students about the qualities that he looks for when hiring an intern – qualities that he wished he would have known when he was first starting his career.

“Integrity is paramount,” said Dr. Charles. “Can I trust you? Do you do what you say you’re going to do? Can I believe you?” he added. “I had no idea when I started my internship with the Orioles that they were going to notice me. I didn’t think they cared – they had bigger things to do. Later I would realize that interns are watched like hawks and your professional career starts on day one.”

Dr. Charles gave an example of the importance of integrity with a story about how the Pawtucket Red Sox came to be the Worcester Red Sox.

Owner of the team and Dr. Charles’ longtime mentor, Larry Lucchino, received several calls from cities and towns that showed interest in being the new home of the team, including a call from the City Manager of Worcester, who connected the team with the mayor, city council, the business community and state government.

“The integrity of the City Manager of Worcester persuaded Larry to move the team,” said Dr. Charles. “Larry chose Worcester, but the City Manager of Worcester is the one that Larry believed in – and that City Manager was your Chancellor, Edward Augustus and that is what I’m so excited about for you,” said Steinberg. “You are here (at Dean) at the right time.”

The second quality of importance is to be bright added Dr. Charles.

“Always be ready to widen the circle and bring in people who see things differently. Part of wisdom is saying I might be able to benefit from the counsel of someone else. Someone else can see it differently.”

He continued with the third quality – a great work ethic.

“There are three facets to a great work ethic: how dedicated you are; how diligent you are – when you’re there working how hard do you work; and how efficient you are – do you get things done.”

The fourth quality he noted is to be a good teammate.

“If people can’t work with you the first three qualities don’t matter,” said Dr. Charles. “You have to be a good collaborator.”

Dr. Charles explained that those four qualities are the prerequisite. He also noted the importance of being a good writer. In 2004 the Boston Red Sox won the World Series under the General Manager, Theo Epstein. Dr. Charles recalled when he met Theo.

“He was 18 years old when I invited him for an interview. He brought articles that he had written for his college paper and that’s why I hired him…and that’s when he began his career in baseball,” he said. “He was a good student, but I hired Theo because he could write.”

He added, “If you focus on those four qualities, your talent, your passion and your writing, I believe that the dreams you don’t realize you can dream will come true.”

Dr. Charles concluded, “My hypothesis is that the intersection of your talent and your passion is your genius. If you do what comes naturally to you and if that is also what you love, you are going to soar to meteoric heights.”

A special thank you to Dr. Charles for sharing his wisdom and experience with our students, and to our sponsors: BrightView Landscape Services, Harvard Maintenance and Pepsi for making this event possible.

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