Group photo of Dean College theatre students and the Rescigno Brothers

Through our performing arts programs, Theatre students have the opportunity to learn from guest artists and professionals in the industry. Today we welcomed The Rescigno Brothers to campus to hold a master class in comedy improv with students in the School of the Arts and Professor Jim Beauregard’s stage combat class.

Twin brothers Robbie and Paul Rescigno are a comedy duo known for their comedy show, annual holiday show, and performances in various television and theatre productions, including “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” the Franklin Performing Arts Company’s (FPAC) production of “Sweeney Todd” and more. They are also currently starring as Nick and Nigel Bottom in the FPAC's production of “Something Rotten!” which runs through Sunday, March 19, 2023.

The Rescigno Brothers began their master class with three rules for the students: no judgements in this space, trust your instincts, and support each other. They then conducted various games and exercises for the students to practice the golden rule of improv: “yes, and.” The games also provided opportunities for students to hone individual skills that are also key to improv, such as listening, eye contact, repetition, concentration and more. After each exercise, the students talked about what they saw, what they noticed and how they felt while participating. The Rescigno Brothers also emphasized the importance of support for each other and that is okay to be nervous or freeze during improv.

“Being nervous just means you care,” said the duo. “Improv is all about supporting the other people in the room.”

Thank your for sharing your expertise and humor with our students, Robbie and Paul!

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