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      Dr. P. Gerard Shaw

      Dr. Shaw, Dean of the School of Business, has been at Dean for 20 years and has spent his career working with higher education. Prior to earning a Ph.D. at Boston College, he earned an M.A. in theology, an M.S. in human resources, and a B.S. in accounting.  

      Gerry ShawDr. Shaw's career has included serving as a Vice President of Student Affairs, working as a consultant in the Higher Education Consulting practice at Coopers & Lybrand, and co-founding his own consulting practice. Believing that service to the community is vital, Dr. Shaw served on the Board of Directors for the Hockomock Area YMCA, served on the Development Committee at the Providence Country Day School, and taught CCD in his local parish. Dr. Shaw teaches a variety of courses in the School of Business and is the Director of the Dean Leadership Institute.

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      Dr. Pietro Savo, D.BA

      Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo a United States Navy Veteran, has earned Doctorate, Business Administration (D.BA) from Jones International University, a Masters of Aeronautical Science in Human Factors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a BS in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University. Dr. Savo holds the position as Coordinator, Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Management at Dean.

      Dr. Pete has over 30 years’ experience in the areas of aerospace and department of defense operations which includes, security, safety, emergency planning, aviation security, industrial security, computer security, preventive risk intelligence, critical mishap response, and state/federal regulatory compliance. Dr. Pete has developed and deployed customized education curricula programs in facility security, cyber threat intelligence, cyber and physical security, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – Comprehensive Operations Assessment, Leadership Development, Lean Manufacturing Implementation, and Workforce Development. Dr. Pete has developed and deployed the Comprehensive Assessment Process (CAP) for the United States Air Force Office of Small Business Programs. Pete Savo

      Dr. Pete coined the phrase “Education Is Power”; a published author who writes about Veteran Higher Education, Veteran Health, For-Profit and Non-Profit Higher Education, Public Verses Private Education, Career Planning and Job Creation, Internship and On-The-Job Training, Marketing to The US Government, Homeland Security, Cyber Security, and the US Manufacturing industry.  The U.S. manufacturing sector has undergone a massive change in the last several decades. How can we rejuvenate it? And how would career colleges education benefit from a manufacturing renaissance, just a few topics important to Dr. Pete! 

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      Alan Adams

      During more than 35 years in business, Alan Adams (Bryant College M.B.A., 1982) has held many positions in large- and medium-sized industries, including treasurer, controller, vice-president, chief financial officer, and owner/director.

      In 1988 he founded a biomedical manufacturing company in the MetroWest area, which experienced many years of rapid, sustained growth and above-industry-average profits through internal development and acquisitions. 

      Now in semi-retirement after selling his own company to a large acquisition group, Alan is turning his attention to many areas, including teaching at Dean College, writing, investing, music, consulting for startup entrepreneurs (including three technology ventures) and lecturing. He is also a former martial arts instructor and a notary public for the Commonwealth. 

      Recently Alan served on State Senator Bruce Tarr’s advisory committee sponsoring legislation for a major Massachusetts safety initiative, and remains an advocate for this effort.

      He is currently the president of his own consulting services company, and has served on the boards of directors/advisors of several Massachusetts companies.

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      Kimberly Barry

      Kim Barry earned her M.B.A at the University of Texas, Austin and worked at Motorola in Texas for over 11 years before coming to Dean College. 


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      Paul Cramer

      Paul earned his law degree at the Harvard Law School. He was trained at the Harvard Negotiation Project by Professor Roger Fisher.


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      Brian Coughlin

      Professor Coughlin is currently an instructor at Dean College.He has experience in human resource management. 

      Brian has accumulated nearly three decades of expertise in human resource management and partnered with many business operations to help them control costs, and maximize resources and profits. With over twenty years' experience as an adjunct faculty member, he has developed and delivered well received courses in Human Resource Management, Principles of Management, Micro and Macro Economics classes.

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      Edward J. Derba

      Edward earned a M.B.A. from Suffolk University. He also holds a number of certifications related to energy efficiency

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      John A. DiCicco, Ph.D.

       John earned a Ph.D. in higher education and professional development from Capella University. John has previously taught at Phoenix University.

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      Larry J. Domenici

      Larry Domenici is an accountant who brings experience in financial accounting, finance, and audit. Larry earned a Masters in Public Administration from American University. 

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      Michael Fishbein

      Michael earned his doctorate in social psychology from Clark University and also serves as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Dean College.

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