Dean College faculty and staff inspire students to see and exceed their highest expectations.

Featured faculty and Staff 

Dean College is a committed and caring community that delivers a comprehensive and holistic experience that transforms hidden potential to proven social and professional success. 

Director of Career Planning & Internships

The Dean Difference is found in our passion to truly prepare students for not just success in college, but lifelong success. The passion to adapt to changes in the world, and adjust academics to fit those needs, to stay current with industry trends so students are receiving accurate and relevant information. It’s also the understanding that faculty and staff have with students that not everyone’s journey here is the same and that we work hard, really hard, to make each students experience here what it needs to be for THEM.

It is so important to understand all the different things you can do with your degree, and to understand that finding a job is easy- but finding your career is hard. When looking for a college, take a good look at the career options available for the major, but also have an understanding it doesn’t always work that way! I was a Communicative Disorders Major and here I am, helping students be prepared for the world of work. Am I working in my major, no…but am I successfully employed? Yes!

Associate Vice President for Student Success & Career Planning

The Dean Difference to me means a strong sense of community and developing personal connections and relationships. I believe that all students at Dean have potential. At Dean College, we allow students to spread their wings while being caring and supportive, while at the same time, allow students to reach their potential.  Our size is one of our best attributes since we can engage with all our students and develop personal connections to help students develop confidence to achieve anything they want to.  

Director, Center for Business, Entertainment & Sport Management; Distinguished Executive Faculty-In-Residence

The Dean Difference to me is when we reach out and personally assist students when they need it with mentoring, instruction, assistance and advice.  

Part of The Dean Difference in my area of communications and sports broadcasting has to do with opportunity. You have it here at Dean, where in other places, you might have to wait on your chance. You want to be on the air, we put you to work, without having to wait. Practice…helps make perfect. Our classes are set up for you to be effective in the industry right away.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

The Dean Difference means meeting students where they are and knowing them on an individual level to help them achieve their educational, and subsequent, career goals. 

I believe it’s really important to find a college that meets your goals, one that connects students with internship opportunities so they can experience hands-on what working in the field feels like. At Dean we provide tailored support to each of our students in terms of their educational and career aspirations, including such resources as internships. 

Assistant to the Dean, Schools of Performing Arts

The Dean Difference is the exceptional community we have. Everyone, whether faculty or staff, interacts with the students making us a big family. It may sound cliché, but it is the Dean reality, and one that is extremely special!

Many schools will say they offer tap, jazz and hip-hop along with ballet and modern, but actually only have one or two classes in those genres. At Dean we have many levels of tap, jazz and hip-hop along with ballroom and Pilates to make a complete and well-rounded dancer. Also, we have a dedicated Athletic Trainer for our performing arts students who specialize in dance and performance related injuries. At Dean you do not have to see the same trainer as the football and baseball players!

Professor of Sociology and Program Coordinator of Social Sciences

The Dean Difference is about the relationships we have. Students know that that their faculty know who they are, what their interests are, and how to most effectively meet their needs. As faculty we are in constant communication with each other, sharing teaching ideas and talking about how to best support and encourage our students. 

It is important to find a college where you will be able to connect with faculty. At Dean students know we are available to them and that we want to get to know the most effective ways to teach them.

Associate Vice President, Student Life & Dean of Students

The Dean Difference is the unparalleled level of support, guidance and advice that we offer our students every day, whether it be a quick interaction in the dining hall or a more intentional discussion on the playing field, as a performer, in a student organization, the residence hall or the classroom. Students know that we are genuine and have their best interests at heart as they develop throughout their tenure as Bulldogs.

My advice for prospective students is to find a place where you can get actively involved in campus life and most importantly, find a place that feels like home. At Dean you will feel the connections with our community instantaneously and know that from day one we will help you to connect with your peers, learn how to get the most out of your college experience through all forms of campus engagement and leadership and of course, have fun!