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About Cybersecurity Studies

Cybersecurity Studies is designed for both IT and non-IT professionals who want a quick, practical education in the concepts of cybersecurity. Knowledge of cybersecurity is imperative in all of today’s professions including government, aerospace, financial services, and telecommunications, with a focus on military and law enforcement.

During your time at Dean, you will learn how to develop skills to apply in practical settings, including:

  • How to investigate a cybercrime
  • Incident response handling
  • Building and coordinating a security incident response team
  • Best practices for managing attack situations with this security incident response team
  • How to access security risks and vulnerabilities of existing and proposed information systems

Bachelor's Degree in Business, With a Concentration in Cybersecurity 

Receive your Bachelor's Degree in Business with a concentration in Cybersecurity. This degree introduces you to the foundations of cybersecurity theory and practice and its application across multiple industries. Incident response and how to effectively assess different types of organizational risks are examined. Ethical and legal issues, as well as best practices in implementing cybersecurity practices, are also examined. 

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Below you will find a table of course numbers, course names and the credits required to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a concentration in Cybersecurity. 

Course Number  Course Name  Credit Required  Total Credits 
ENG 111 Composition I 3  
ENG 112 Composition II 3  
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3  
Core Distribution  Mathematics Elective 3  
Core Distribution Lab Science Elective  4  
Core Distribution Arts Elective  3  
Core Distribution Humanities Elective  3  
Core Distribution Natural Science and Math Elective  3  
Core Distribution Social Science Elective  3  
ENG 332 Strategic Writing for Managers  3  
COM 327  Applied Professional Communication  3  
  Upper Division General Education Elective (3 at 3 credits each) 9  
  Total Core    43
BUS 123 Foundations of Business  3  
BUS 230  Principles of Management  3  
BUS 235 Principles of Marketing  3  
BUS 240  Human Resource Management  3  
ACCT 103  Financial Accounting  3  
ACCT 200  Managerial Accounting  3  
ECO 150 & Free Elective* or ECO 111 & ECO 112 Principles of Economics or Principles of Economics-Macro & Principles of Economics-Micro 3  
BUS 337  Organizational Behavior  3  
BUS 325 Principles of Finance and Budgeting  3  
BUS 341 Data Analysis and Decision-Making  3  
BUS 495 Business Policy and Strategic Management  3  
  Total Major    33
CRM CS 100 Introduction to Cybersecurity  3  
CRM CS 101  Computer System Fundamentals  3  
CRM CS 102 Cybersecurity Defense in Depth  3  
CRM CS 103 Large Scale Cyber Crime and Terrorism  3  
CRM CS 304 White Collar Crime  3  
CRM CS 405 Cybersecurity Investigations & Case Studies  3  
  Total Concentration    18
  Elective (choose 10 at 3 credits each) 3  
  Total Elective    30
  Total Credits  121

Certificate Program

The Cybersecurity certificate program from Dean College provides a basic, strategic perspective on the many different facets of cybersecurity. This 6-course and 16-credit certificate is perfect for working adults. By taking two courses per term, you could complete the certificate in one year. Additionally, you do not need an IT background to understand or learn about cybersecurity. Learn the cutting-edge skills you need to become a “first responder” in the battle against criminal activity on the internet. With this certificate, you’ll be equipped to work as an infrastructure analyst, a security engineer, a cryptographer, a security software developer, a chief information security officer or another position. 

Learn more about the Cybersecurity certificate program at Dean College. 

Curricular Overview

The program begins by introducing students to the foundations of cybersecurity theory and practice and its application across multiple industries. Students study subjects ranging from incident response and coordination to how to effectively assess different types of organizational security risks. They will be exposed to ethical and legal issues in cybersecurity and strategies for implementing best practices.

The Cybersecurity Studies certificate program is designed to provide a solid foundation in core subjects such as:

  • Computer Systems Security Fundamentals
  • Cybersecurity Defense in Depth
  • Large Scale Cybercrime and Terrorism
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Cybersecurity Investigations and Case Studies

Skills Acquired

By completing the Cybersecurity Studies program at Dean, you will have the opportunity to develop relevant, cutting-edge skills to apply in practical settings, such as building and managing a security incident response team or a product security team; how to assess security risks and vulnerabilities of existing and proposed information systems; how to investigate a cybercrime team and how to build relationships with other incident response teams to address threats. 

Students can pursue careers in many areas including:

  • Network Design and Administration
  • Incident Response
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Vulnerability Analysis

Uniquely Dean 

  • A broad business foundation for a well-rounded and multi-faceted education.
  • A holistic approach that utilizes case studies, traditional and real-world learning to keep up with trends and remain current with today’s fast-moving world. 
  • The opportunity to interact with business leaders through cutting-edge partnerships such as TeamOps through in-class and out of class experiences second to none.