Pursue an Associate degree in General Studies

Program Overview

In this self-designed program, students create individualized plans of instruction with courses from different academic disciplines. 

Associate Degree

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Below you will find a table of course numbers, course names and the credits required to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies.

Course Number  Course Name  Credit Required  Total Credits 
ENG 111 Composition I  3  
ENG 112 Composition II  3  
SPC 101  Communication Fundamentals  3  
Core Distribution  Mathematics Elective  3  
Core Distribution  Lab Science Elective  4  
Core Distribution  Arts Elective  3  
Core Distribution  Humanities Elective  3  
Core Distribution  Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective  3  
Core Distribution  Social Sciences Elective  3  
  Total Credits    28
  Introductory Course  3  
Focused Electives  Liberal Arts Elective List, from one major offered through SCS, EDU 103 plus 3 courses (9 cr) from ONE of the following teaching areas: English, history, math, science 12  
Foundational Electives Liberal Arts Elective List  9  
  Total Major    24
  Elective (choose 3 at 3 credits each) 3  
  Total Electives   9
  Total Credits  61 61

View the School of Continuing Studies Academic Catalog for more program information and requirements. 

Curriculum Overview

We recognize, there is no one way to a great education so we offer three as part of this program.

  • Liberal arts for students eager to explore a variety of fields
  • A focused major for those wanting to concentrate on one discipline without committing to a major
  • Education teaching option for future teachers

Whatever option you choose, you will meet general education requirements at most four-year schools. 

Skills Acquired 

As an Associate graduate in General Studies, numerous opportunities await. You will have the option of remaining at Dean to pursue a four-year program in a newfound area of interest. Or, you could choose to transfer.  Whatever your route, you can move forward confident that the broad-based pool of knowledge you have earned will serve you well in the future. 

Uniquely Dean 

  • Small classes led by Dean professors who are professionals in their field.
  • Practical experience woven through the entire curriculum.
  • A holistic approach that utilizes case studies, traditional and real-world learning to keep up with trends and remain current with the today’s fast-moving world.