Funding and programming that improves the quality of your education at Dean College.

MLSC Grant

In February 2017, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) awarded Dean College with a $297,030 grant for the purchase of lab equipment to improve the quality of education and meet existing local life sciences workforce needs.

The award was part of MLSC's Competitive Capital Program, which is designed to provide grants for capital projects that support the life sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts by enabling and supporting life sciences workforce developing and training, research and development, commercialization and/or manufacturing in the Commonwealth.

This grant funding enabled Dean College to purchase basic biology laboratory equipment, which has significantly improved the quality of all students’ education, as all Dean students must take a minimum of two science courses. 

a professor showing students a syndaver in a lab at dean college.

NEH Grant

In August 2017, Dean College was among 245 recipients that received a total of $39.3 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) aimed at supporting vital research, education, and public programs in the humanities. This is Dean College's first grant application submitted and award received from NEH.

With this funding, College faculty have developed two courses in the history of science that incorporate hands-on labs: History of Science and Beyond Henrietta Lacks:  Race and Medicine in 20th Century America. Both courses are set to pilot for the 2018-19 calendar year.

Project Director and Associate Professor of History at Dean College, Dr. David Dennis spearheaded the development of the courses, alongside Project Co-Director, Dr. Jessica Pisano, as well as Dr. Rob Lawson, who will teach the course on race and medicine. 

“Culture shapes science, and science shapes culture,” said Dennis. “From early ideas about the Earth’s place in the cosmos to popular attitudes toward climate change and cancer treatment, the humanities are essential for how we understand the past and present of modern scientific society. This project furthers the ongoing revitalization of the humanities for the twenty-first century at Dean College and beyond. The opportunity to combine history courses with lab science underscores Dean’s record of educational innovation. I look forward to working with science and humanities faculty, as well as external scholars, to bring this groundbreaking curriculum to our students.”

a group of adults in a lab wearing goggles during an experiment.