Explore human development, psychological disorders, personality issues and counseling, and prepare for a rewarding career.

A strong understanding of human behavior opens the door to a successful future in psychology and many other professions. With a major in psychology from Dean College, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and practical experience to build a rewarding career. 

Program Overview

Why do people behave the way they do? What leads to personality disorders? How can human behaviors be changed? 

These are just a few of the questions you’ll explore as a psychology major at Dean College. Ideal for students who are interested in developmental, clinical, educational or social psychology, the psychology program offers two degree options: 

  • The bachelor’s degree, which focuses on human development, psychological disorders, personality and counseling to prepare you for graduate school or a career.
  • The associate degree, which provides an introduction to the discipline and a good transition to a bachelor’s degree in psychology. 

Built on a solid liberal arts foundation, the psychology curriculum combines theory and practice. You will graduate with a strong understanding of everything from human development and the learning process to abnormal behavior and counseling theories and techniques. 

Applied psychology and case studies are embedded throughout the curriculum. You will learn how to understand and analyze problems, family relationships, workplace and institutional dynamics, and social trends that influence individual behavior. 

Beyond the Classroom

As a psychology major at Dean, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to apply what you’re learning. For instance: 

  • Frequent guest speakers give you insights into the field and its practical applications.
  • Hands-on projects immerse you in the real world of psychology. 
  • Internships provide the experience you need to take the next step.

You can pursue graduate school or a successful career in human services, management, counseling, education, health, sports, the corporate world or many other fields that require an in-depth understanding of human behavior. 

Uniquely Dean

What makes our Psychology program best of breed? 

  • Learn from practitioners in the field who are committed to your success. 
  • Learn in classes that are engaging and hands-on, that connect with students’ interests and career plans. 
  • Delve deep into an area of particular interest by completing a capstone research project.  

Degree Offerings

  • Bachelor's Degree*
  • Associate Degree

*The course listing below is based on the Bachelor's Degree program.

Psychology Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
PSY 111 General Psychology 3
SOC 113 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSY 201 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 202 Human Development: A Lifespan Perspective 3
PSY 250 Social Psychology 3
PSY 234 Learning and Memory 3
MTH 130 Introductory Statistics 3
PSY 341 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 3
PSY 332 Personality 3
PSY 320 Counseling Psychology 3
300 - 400 Level PSY Psychology Electives 6
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan 1
DCA 300 The Internship Experience 2
LAS 415 Critical Theory 3
PSY 450 Senior Seminar 3
PSY 495 Senior Capstone 3
Total Credits 48

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 111 Composition I 3
ENG 112 Composition II 3
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3
MATH ELECTIVE Core Mathematics Elective 3
LAB SCIENCE ELECTIVE Core Lab Science Elective 4
ARTS ELECTIVE Core Distribution Arts Elective 3
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Humanities Elective 3
NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATH ELECTIVE Core Distribution Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective 3
SOCIAL SCIENCES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Social Sciences Elective 3
ENG 320 Advanced Essay Writing 3
COM 327 Applied Professional Communication 3
ELE Upper-Division Liberal Arts Electives 9
Total Credits 43

Course Number Course Title Credits
ELE Open Electives 30
Total Credits 30

* Subject to change
** Based on the Dean College Academic Catalog 2018-19

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