From first-year housing to suite-style living, Dean College offers a variety of housing options.

Housing at Dean

Dean College offers a variety of student housing options. At Dean College, you are provided housing for your entire tenure, providing you adhere to our Housing Agreement. Check out the following list of Dean College Residence Halls. Also, check out the media gallery at the bottom of the page for an inside look!

Adams Hall

Adams Hall is a co-ed residence hall by floor, offering standard singles, suite-style living (between four and five residents) and double rooms for approximately 105 students. It has a common area television lounge, and each floor has access to laundry facilities. This hall is designated as an option for students who are 21 years of age or older.

Alumni Memorial Hall

Alumni Memorial Hall is a co-ed residence hall by floor that accommodates 28 students. Alumni Memorial Hall offers singles and doubles. All rooms are carpeted. Residents enjoy a large common lounge, study room and kitchen. Laundry facilities are shared between the two floors. In addition, Memorial Hall is a Wellness Living Learning Community, a quieter living environment. This community will be dedicated to providing an environment for students who want to abstain from substances and live a clean lifestyle.

Bourret Hall

Bourret Hall is a co-ed residence hall by floor accommodating approximately 138 students ranging from first year students to students in their junior year. All rooms are doubles and programming in the building will accommodate all students. Students enjoy a common area television lounge, a kitchen and small lounges on each floor. Laundry facilities are available on the first floor.

Ewen, Wallace and Jones Halls

Ewen, Wallace and Jones Halls accommodate approximately 100 students each and are co-ed residence areas. Ewen, Wallace and Jones Hall are exclusively designed as first-year living. These halls offer single, double, triple and quad rooms. The halls are traditional style residence areas with floors divided into two wings. Students enjoy a common lounge area/study room and television lounge. All three halls have a kitchenette off of the main lounge area. A large laundry room is located in the Wallace entryway for the residents of these three halls. Additional laundry units can be found in the Jones lounge.

Wallace Hall is also home to CONNECT, a living learning community for social science majors. Through CONNECT, you'll experience your first year of college while living with your classmates. Inside the classroom, you will learn together and collaborate on projects. You’ll make connections to the materials you’re studying as well as to each other, building relationships with your peers, faculty and staff and forming your identity as a social sciences major. The community you share will extend beyond the classroom, as you live together in Wallace Hall. Here, you’ll receive the traditional first-year residential experience, while also participating in unique social, academic and career development programs to help you make the most of your education.

Check out the media gallery at the bottom of this page and our living on campus page to see a few residence hall rooms. 

Dean College residence hall

Franklin Center Commons

Franklin Center Commons II is a new 77-bed condo facility housing juniors and seniors located in downtown Franklin. It is comprised of 1- or 2-bedroom fully furnished condos with two, four or five residents. Each condo is equipped with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and at least one bathroom.

Horne Hall

Opened in January 2013, Horne Hall is the newest residence hall on campus. Comprised of a total of 120 beds in a suite-style format, this residence hall is primarily for juniors and seniors. Each four-person suite consists of two double bedrooms or two single bedrooms and one double bedroom. Each suite also features a private bathroom and common area. There is a washer and dryer on every floor and a state-of-the-art common room.

Houston House

Houston House is a male-only residence for 16 Juniors and Seniors as well as other students who are 21 years of age. Houston House is made up of singles and doubles and one triple. All occupants of the house have access to a shared kitchen and laundry room. 

Mitchell House

Mitchell House is an all-female residence hall, accommodating 28 returning students. The residents of this hall live in doubles and triples on the second and third floor of the house. Students enjoy a common lounge area and kitchen on the first floor. Laundry facilities are also available.

Clark House

Clark House is an all-female residence hall accommodating 12 students, offering single and double rooms. This house is traditionally reserved for our students who are 21 years and older. Laundry and kitchen facilities are available on the first floor.

Dean Hall

Dean Hall is a traditional style, co-ed by floor residence hall accommodating 106 students. This hall offers expanded singles, doubles and quads. Both Dean third (female) and Dean fourth (male) have access to building laundry facilities and common area television lounges.

Woodward Hall

This residence hall is co-ed by suite and can accommodate 88 students. Woodward Hall offers double and triple air-conditioned rooms. The basement level has a full kitchen and laundry room, while the second floor has a lounge complete with a large screen TV and pool table.

Image of Woodward Hall Dorm at Dean College.