Know Before You Go

Packing for College

Knowing what to pack and what to leave at home is crucial. Space is limited in residence halls, so we’ve designed a checklist to aid you as you prepare for move-in day. 

Students sitting in a double dorm room at dean college.

What Not to Bring

Dean College is committed to the well-being and safety of all our students. Therefore, certain health and safety regulations are in place for the protection of our residential population. 

For this reason, the items listed below ARE NOT PERMITTED on the Dean College campus:

  • Indoor and outdoor grills
  • Bed risers
  • Electric frying pans
  • Extension cords
  • Fireworks
  • Halogen lamps
  • Lava lamps
  • Pets
  • Subwoofers
  • Toasters and toaster ovens
  • Weapons of any kind (including paintball and water guns)
  • Hot water heater*
  • Hoverboards

*Allowed if equipped with an automatic shutoff.