Dean Students – Get Ready for Life-changing Semester in Rome, Italy!

Start The Application Process

Through a new partnership, students at Dean College may study and earn credits this fall at Assumption’s Rome campus, a top-ten best study abroad program in the United States. Contact Melissa Read to apply for this opportunity by Friday, February 14. 

Rome Becomes Your Classroom

In Rome, you won’t just be confined to a classroom – your classroom will become museums, monuments and a number of other locales throughout Rome and Italy. Imagine a class in the Colosseum where the gladiators fought and emperors walked, or in the nearly 2,000 year-old Roman Forum or viewing the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Assumption’s Rome campus utilizes the gifts of a modern, yet ancient, city to learn.

Travel Throughout Italy – and Europe!

Included in tuition is a bus and rail pass to explore the city on your own. Rome’s easy to navigate public transportation system is your ticket to adventure throughout the city with new and old friends. Two excursions to cities such as Florence, Venice, Naples or Pisa are included in tuition – meals, train and accommodations are covered. Day trips to significant sites such Villa d’Este or Hadrian’s Villa are also included.

Rome is a gateway to Europe. Take a train back to Fiumicino Airport and hop on a quick – and usually affordable – flight to spend a weekend in other exciting cities such as Barcelona, Munich, Amsterdam, Greece or more.

Life in Rome

Visit a museum. Grab a cappuccino after class. Spend a relaxing afternoon people-watching in Piazza Navona. Take a train to the beaches at Ostia on the coast of the Mediterranean.  

Live Like a Roman

The recently renovated Villino Dufault is your home for the fall semester and a strategic launching point for a day of exploring or relaxation. The Villino is situated in a residential neighborhood close to public transportation and home to a number of shops such as gyms (Assumption pays half of the membership fee), bakeries, a gelateria, and more, providing all you need while living in “the Eternal City.” Just a short walk from the Villino is a public park where students can jog or spend some time relaxing. The Villino features double rooms with private bathrooms shared every two rooms, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, a dining area, and shared living areas.

For those seeking a quiet place to relax or study, a rooftop deck is among students’ favorite features of the Villino.

Eat Like a Roman

Meals are prepared by an authentic Italian chef who uses fresh ingredients purchased each day from local markets. Signora Romanini not only cooks like an Italian, but she teaches students how to eat like an Italian. Meals are served family-style where students and faculty discuss the highlights of their day and relax after a day of biking the Appian Way, exploring the Colosseum or ascending the Palatine Hill, one of the oldest parts of Rome, to meander through ancient palaces.

An Ancient City with Modern Features

Not only will you explore the ruins and birthplace of Western Civilization, but you’ll also have access to the latest fashion trends, exquisite shopping, sporting events such as football (soccer to Americans!), concerts and restaurants.

Assumption offers the following courses this fall:

  • ARH 224 Baroque Art and Architecture 
  • THE 100 Introduction to Theology 
  • HIS 150 Civilization in Rome 
  • ROM 200 Encounters with Rome 
  • MUS 122 History of Music 1
  • ITA 101+ Italian at placement level. Beginning is fine. (Italiaidea) Intensive Italian 9-credit option available 

All credits will transfer to Dean upon earning a grade of C or higher.

Apply Today!

Students who are interested in applying to study away at Assumption’s Rome campus should contact Melissa Read, Director of Dean College’s Study Away Program, at 508.541.7654, or stop by Dean Hall, room 203. Applications are due by Friday, February 14.

Learn more about Assumption College’s Rome campus at