Students getting a healthy lunch at the salad bar in the Dean College Dining Center.

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2020, are you thinking about a New Year’s resolution you want to try to stick to? Here are a few suggestions to start off a great Spring 2020 semester.

  1. Be organized – Do you find yourself waiting until the very last minute to work on assignments? Start the new year with an organization plan. Map out your assignments on your phone calendar (or go old school and use a weekly planner) at the beginning of each week, blocking off times to work on specific projects. Various phone apps can also help, like myHomework. Seeing the week in front of you can help you organize your time.
  2. Join a club – Looking to branch out on campus? It’s time to explore the wide range of clubs and activities Dean offers. From sports, academic clubs and special interests, you are sure to find something new to spark your interest. You can also expand your social circle and make lifelong friends.
  3. Volunteer – If you are looking for community service opportunities, Dean has you covered. There are clubs like Best Buddies and Dean Community Outreach (DCO), along with numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year, like helping local organizations like the Franklin Food Pantry and cleaning up the Nason Street Playground. Options are endless! Talk to your success and career advisor to learn more!
  4. Get healthy – It’s easy to go into hibernation mode in the winter. This year be proactive and think about your health. Add some exercise time at the Kokes Fitness Center to your schedule. Are you constantly headed for the delicious pizza in the Smith Dining Center? Try varying your diet and head to the salad bar or design your own healthy sandwich. Another component of health is of course sleep! No one is at their best when sleep deprived – shoot for 8 hours each night!
  5. Track spending – It’s easy to lose track of what you’ve been spending and then have a surprise credit card bill or bank statement at the end of the month. Use an app like Smart Budget to log your income and expenditures. It can be a real eyeopener to see where your money is going each month. Once you get an idea of what is happening, look for areas where you can cut back. Also, if you aren’t already working, consider a part-time job to help gain your financial freedom. 

Enjoy winter break and come back to campus with a new goal in hand to make it a great 2020!