Exercise science majors practicing in the exercise science lab

Considering a career in exercise science? With many different career paths to choose from, this major is becoming increasingly popular. All that it takes is a little dedication, some knowledge of biology and other related science fields, and the determination to work in a field where you’ll help people with all kinds of issues, limitations and problems.

Whether you choose the healthcare path or the personal trainer road, there are many reasons why a degree in exercise science might be right for you. Thinking exercise science might be your calling? Here are our top five reasons why it just could be.

1. You Want to Learn More About the Human Body

You’ve no doubt heard of the terms anatomy and physiology. One is the study of how the human body functions, while the other studies its overall structure. These two things make up the core of exercise science. By studying both subjects in depth, you’ll be able to discern how exercises that consist of the correct movements can help a person build muscle or rehabilitate injured joints. Plus, in-depth knowledge of the two can be applied to many other things.

2. Your Goal is to Work in Healthcare

Some exercise science majors end up in healthcare. They work as physical therapists or end up getting additional training and go on to jobs in nursing, emergency medicine and more. The knowledge gained through by majoring in exercise science can become the foundation for many other careers.

3. You Want to Become a Personal Trainer

Not everyone who majors in exercise science ends up in healthcare. Whether you just love the gym and enjoy working out and want to help others do the same, or you see yourself working for a professional or college sports team assisting athletes, a degree in exercise science is the first step. You’ll be able to help people get into the best shape so that they can meet their performance goals.

4. You Love Science and Want to Learn How the Body Moves

One of the keys to successfully studying exercise science is, well, a love of science. If you like biomechanics, kinesiology and more, then choosing to get a degree in this subject makes plenty of sense. Some people look at a person walking by and wonder what bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles play a role in the gait that they have. If this is you, then consider a degree in exercise science.

5. You Want a Job in a Growing Field

Few career fields have taken off as quickly as exercise science. As more and more people are wanting to hire a personal trainer, needing a physical therapist, or wanting help for a related condition that applies to a similar field, those with this degree have found themselves in high demand.

Looking for a Degree Program in Exercise Science?

If exercise science is your passion, then Dean College has the program that you’ve been looking for. By studying exercise science, you’ll learn about movements, biomechanics, biology, anatomy, physiology and more, setting you up for numerous careers in related fields. The field of exercise science is continuously growing, and you could be a part of it!