The 2019 Orientation Leader Team outside of Dean Hall

5 Tips for Making the Most of New Student Orientation

Our New Student Orientation (NSO) program is designed to prepare you for a successful introduction into college. Here are some tips to make the most of your orientation experience: 

  1. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. NSO is a great opportunity to make friends! Strike up a conversation with the people next to you. Don’t forget this whole college thing is just as new to them as it is to you. Here are some foolproof conversation starters if you’re nervous: 
    • Why did you choose Dean? 
    • Where are you from? 
    • What will you be studying? 
    • Where is your favorite place to order pizza? (note: any friendship sparked from a conversation about pizza is bound to last a lifetime.)
  2. Venture outside your comfort zone. NSO will be your first glimpse into your future at Dean. There will be plenty of chances for you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and get involved. Take advantage of this time to explore what your life as a Bulldog will be like!
  3. Ask questions! Orientation is the best time to ask questions. Everyone you meet from faculty/staff to orientation leaders are involved in NSO because they want to help you with your transition to college. There’s no question too silly or insignificant, so ask away!
  4. Come prepared. Bring a notepad and pen so you don’t miss anything during information sessions. Pack comfortable clothing for fun team building activities and competitions. Bring an alarm clock so you’re not late! Make sure you don’t forget to pack anything… check out our NSO brochure for a full list of what to bring!
  5. Be a Bulldog! This one is easy because once you step onto campus for NSO you officially become part of Bulldog Nation! The next few years of your life will be transformative, and the Dean community is here to help you be successful in everything you face. You are at the beginning of your journey, but luckily for you it doesn’t end at graduation. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog!

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