It’s one week ‘til move-in, Bulldogs! We’re so excited to see you back on campus and kick off the fall semester. As you get ready to come to Dean, whether for the first time or your final year, there’s always something you’re bound to forget or don’t know that you need. We asked a few of our orientation leaders what the number one thing they’d recommend everyone remember to pack is. Check out their must-haves – and don’t forget to bring them with you:

Emily Goyette ’23: “If you get homesick easily, something to remind you of home, whether that be pictures or an activity you’ve done with someone you love. Bring that!”

Kelsey Blass ’23: “Fans. Like two fans!”

Cassandra Costello ’25: “It’s really basic, but a fan. I use my fan every single night, even if it’s just for white noise. It is so crucial to have a fan.”

Adrianna Hirn ’23: “A planner. It’s really simple, but having a planner for me, especially freshman year, helped me stay on time, organized, and helped with time management.”

Janey Boldrighini ’23: “A laundry bag instead of a laundry bin!”

Myles Luongo ’24: “Nutella. I think everyone is saying peanut butter, but I think Nutella is on the rise. Bring some Nutella – it’ll save your life.”

See you in just a few days, Bulldogs! Learn more about move-in for residents and commuters, and make sure you check your email for the most up-to-date information.