We know that, for many high school students, college is something that’s always on their mind.   They are proactively thinking ahead and planning their future majors, as well as deciding where they’d like to go to school once their high school careers come to an end. However, in order to give students a real taste of the total college experience, many students choose to attend one of our pre-college summer programs for high school students. These programs have endless benefits, which include making new friends, gaining valuable college life skills, and experiencing first-hand the workload of a potential future career field. 

Meeting New People

Sure, students can get part-time jobs during the summer and save money for college while meeting new people, but nothing compares to the bonds formed between participants of our pre-college summer programs. Plus, the programs only last for two weeks, so students can still work once they get home.  During the summer programs at Dean College, high school students truly get to know one another and experience college life together. They live in dorms with each other, attend lectures together, and enjoy off-campus adventures, such as attending baseball games and spending time at Patriot Place. All the time together truly allows friendships to form –which can last a lifetime. 

Experiencing College First-Hand

Yes, there are plenty of books and guides out there that teach high school students about what college entails, but nothing compares to the real experience! Pre-college summer programs for high school students, particularly those that provide the option for participants to live on campus, really give students a true taste of college life. Students get to reside in a dorm at Dean College for two weeks, enjoying a bit of independence while also attending lectures in their chosen field, eating in the cafeteria, and participating in many off-campus activities. It’s a small slice of college life for those who are seriously considering furthering their education.

Learn Valuable New Skills in a Potential Future Career Field

Right from the beginning, choosing a major is sometimes the toughest part of college life. Students head into their freshman years with one major in mind, only to find out that a different one is truly their calling. During our pre-college summer programs, high school students get a small taste of what their potential field is like before they are locked into a major or lose valuable credits while switching. The three options at Dean College include Forensics, Sport Management, and Sports Broadcasting. All three of these programs include lectures given by professionals in their specific field, as well as hands-on activities that take place in a lab setting or in the ballpark. 

College Credits Are Up for Grabs

Finally, one of the most rewarding benefits of attending one of these summer programs is the opportunity to earn college credits. Students who choose to attend Dean College or any other college/university after graduating from high school receive three college credits for their successful participation in one of the pre-college programs. There’s nothing quite like starting your freshmen year with some college credits already listed on your transcript! 

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