Student at Dean College radio station researching career options for music lovers

If you love music, then it makes sense to seek out a career that allows you to showcase your affection for and knowledge of the art form. For those who enjoy music but don’t want to play an instrument professionally, there are plenty of career options. After all, music appears in many different places throughout the arts world, giving you many chances to do what you love.

Want to know where your love of music can take you? Here are some suggestions that go beyond simply playing music or teaching it at a junior high or high school level.

Entertainment Management

There are many different options when it comes to entertainment management. People in this field do everything from acting as directors for musical theatre companies (or just theatres in general), hiring employees, planning out schedules and making sure that everything goes smoothly to managing various aspects of the business. With specialties like producing and more, you can make your mark on the industry from behind the scenes.

Music Agent

Whether you have an ear for musical artists that are talented and worth promoting, or simply want to make your mark on the industry, consider a career as a music agent. People in this field spend their time finding recording deals for the musicians who they represent, work with others to plan out tours and live performances and even assist their artists in finding brand deals and other ways to make a profit.

Technical Theatre

There’s much more to theatre than just the performers on stage. In order for everything to go smoothly, you need a number of people working behind the scenes to put all of the pieces into place. For example, someone needs to design the sets, create the costumes, run the lighting booth and more. In addition to all of that, someone needs to make sure that all of the music that’s supposed to go with the show plays on cue and is properly set up so that the audience can hear it clearly. This is a music-related job for someone who has plenty of love for music and the theatre.

Dance Technician

Although dance technician sounds like a strange title, it refers to the person who’s in charge of the music that goes along with dance performances. Dance just wouldn’t have the same effect as it would when the music is perfectly timed with dancers’ movements. If you have an appreciation for the art form and want to do your part to help without appearing on stage, then being in charge of the music is a great option. Plus, this career path allows for plenty of growth.

If you love music, there are plenty of career options for you, including those described here. In addition, consider getting a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management from Dean College. It will set you up for many different career options, all of which include music in some way. Learn more, today!