Create a dynamic career with a major in arts and entertainment management from Dean College.

Combine your passion for the arts with a strong foundation in business skills. A bachelor’s degree in arts and entertainment management from Dean College gives you the tools and experience to launch an exciting career in TV, film, music, producing, dance or theatre management, themed entertainment, event management and beyond.

Program Overview

Every successful venture in arts and entertainment relies on the skills and hard work of management professionals. A bachelor’s degree in arts and entertainment management from Dean College prepares you to play an important role in this exciting field. 

Combining creativity with industry savvy, our curriculum fosters your artistic vision while developing your business skills. In addition to studying accounting, economics, finance and marketing, you’ll get a solid grounding in the liberal arts.

The program offers specializations in: 

  • Dance
  • Media Studies
  • Theatre

You can also design your own individualized specialization.  

The major is an excellent choice if you’re interested in event planning, company management, media, dance and theatre management, theme park management, production management, entertainment operations, or promotions and (production) marketing. 

Learn from the Best

Our dedicated School of the Arts faculty and staff offer our students the knowledge and skills to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom

As an arts and entertainment management major at Dean, you’ll have extensive opportunities to apply your skills and learn from working professionals. For example: 

  • Participate in on-campus musical, dance and theatrical productions and workshops. 
  • Complete a semester-long internship at an arts and entertainment venue such as The Providence Performing Arts Center, Trinity Repertory Company, New Repertory Theatre, The Orpheum Theatre, WGBH, Boston Ballet, Disney College Program, ABC TV in New York, The Kennedy Center, Patriot Place or Gillette Stadium.
  • Interact with professionals who visit campus to share industry experiences and offer networking advice. 

Career Opportunities

Your bachelor’s degree prepares you for careers in television, film, music, live performance, publishing, gaming, event and not-for-profit management, and beyond. Our alumni find rewarding jobs across the arts and entertainment industry, including: 

  • Business, talent and venue managers
  • Policy makers
  • Fundraisers
  • Event producers
  • Literary and booking agents
  • Theatre managers
  • Dance company and studio managers
  • Media station managers
  • Museum and gallery operations
  • Theme park producers and managers

Uniquely Dean

What makes our Arts and Entertainment Management program best of breed? 

  • Join our Arts and Entertainment Management Club and get valuable industry insights. 
  • Go backstage at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for our Theme Park Management course.
  • Apply your knowledge in a semester-long internship at an arts and entertainment venue. 

Degree Offerings

  • Bachelor's Degree* 

*The course listing below is based on the Bachelor's Degree program. 


Arts and Entertainment Management Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
AMGT 101 The Arts and Entertainment World 3
AMGT 102 Principles of Arts and Entertainment Management 3
AMGT 205 Fund-Raising for Not-for-Profit Organizations 3
AMGT 203 Venue Management 3
AMGT 317 Arts and Entertainment Law 3
AMGT 405 Leading the Organization 3
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan 1
DCA 300 The Internship Experience 2
AMGT 450 Senior Seminar 3
ACCT 103 Financial Accounting 3
ECO 150 Principles of Economics 3
BUS 235 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 325 Principles of Finance and Budgeting 3
BUS 337 Organizational Behavior 3
Total Credits 39

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 111 Composition I 3
ENG 112 Composition II 3
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3
MATH ELECTIVE Core Mathematics Elective 3
LAB SCIENCE ELECTIVE Core Lab Science Elective 4
ARTS ELECTIVE Core Distribution Arts Elective 3
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Humanities Elective 3
NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATH ELECTIVE Core Distribution Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective 3
SOCIAL SCIENCES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Social Sciences Elective 3
ENG 331 Writing for the Arts and Entertainment World 3
COM 327 Applied Professional Communication 3
ELE Upper-Division Liberal Arts Electives 9
Total Credits 43

Course Number Course Title Credits
Unless completing a double major, students must complete a specialization
COM 121 Introduction to Communications 3
COM 122 Digtial Audio Production I 3
COM 123 Digtial Video Production I 3
Communications Electives Communications Electives 9
Open Electives Open Electives 21
DAN 182 Rhythmic Analysis 3
DAN 204 Dance Composition I 3
DAN 201 Dance History I -- World Perspectives on American Dance 3
DAN 301 Dance History II -- 20th and 21st Century Dance 3
Dance technique electives Dance technique electives 3
Open Electives Open Electives 24
Individually Desgined Electives, One Area (Preapproved) One Area (Preapproved) Electives 15
Open Electives Open Electives 24
THA 111 Introduction to Theatre 3
THA 131 Technical Production I: Stagecraft 3
THA 231 Basic Stage Management 3
THA 341 Shakespeare and the Classics 3
THA 342 Modern Drama 3
Open Electives Open Electives 24
Total Credits 156

* Subject to change
** Based on the Dean College Academic Catalog 2018-19