Graphic that reads "Transformation Tuesday" with a photo of Mariah S. '23

Every week, we’re showcasing our graduating students as they prepare to say goodbye to Dean. On each #TransformationTuesday, you’ll get a before and after look at where they started vs. where they are now. First up is Mariah Sheirer ’23, our Student Government Association president and a double major in Dance and Arts and Entertainment Management!

Mariah Sheier

Q: How has your experience at Dean shaped you?

Mariah: “I have transformed during my time at Dean by changing from a shy, nervous student to an independent leader through my experiences. There were several things I did here that I never dreamt I was going to be doing and am very proud of where I have come as a person!”

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Dean?

Mariah: "My favorite memory from my time at Dean was choreographing for the New Dancer Showcase – the dance showcase for first-year students. I got to work with the first-year dance majors while working on my choreography and incorporating what I learned in Dance Composition and the Tech Production Lighting Design classes."

Q: How has Dean prepared you for the future?

Mariah: “Dean has prepared me for the future by helping me feel confident in my leadership skills, resume and other career skills. I further understand where I want to go in my career, and I know I have the tools to get there.”

Check back throughout the semester as we profile members of the Class of 2023 and see how far they’ve come throughout their time at Dean!