Two Dean College students walking through Gillette Stadium, discussing their plans for a career in entertainment management

Entertainment management sounds like a niche specialty, but the good news is that it really isn’t. As it turns out, there are a number of versatile and exciting things that you can do with an entertainment management degree. If you love the world of entertainment, but don’t see yourself on the stage, on the field, or in front of the cameras, then working behind the scenes is a great option.

Studying entertainment management in college will set you up for many different careers, all of which have you working behind the scenes and managing employees. Want to know what options you have? Let’s take a look.

Working in Venue Management

Running a venue, whether it’s a sports venue, a wedding hall or a general venue that hosts everything from conventions to special events, requires a team of people. Someone needs to be in charge, keeping an eye on the timelines to make sure that all of the deadlines are met. In addition, people are needed to schedule the events to ensure that none of them overlap, make sure that everything stays on budget and more. Getting a degree in entertainment management provides you with all of the skills needed to run any type of venue.

Planning Events and More

Speaking of events, people are also needed to plan them. If you love juggling a number of tasks simultaneously and have a passion for ensuring that events, whether they are conferences, weddings, anniversary parties, graduations, birthdays and more, go smoothly, then becoming an event planner might be your best career option. It all starts with a degree in entertainment management, as the program will provide you with all of the skills that you need to ensure that various types of events go smoothly and as planned.

Working for a Sports Team or Representing Players

There’s more to entertainment management than running a venue or planning events. Those with the degree may also find themselves working for a professional sports team, making sure that everything goes properly behind the scenes on game day. In addition, those with a degree in the field may be able to find themselves working as sports agents, representing players and ensuring that their careers stay on track.

Producing or Representing Music and Theatre Productions

Have you ever considered what goes on behind the scenes at a musical performance (think rock concert) or during a theatre production? Someone in entertainment management works behind the scenes, making sure that the actors, musicians, roadies, set workers and more all get their jobs done so that the performance goes smoothly. Without someone managing this, chaos might break loose, and no one wants to see a chaotic stage performance.

Interested in an Entertainment Management Degree?

If you’re considering getting a college degree in entertainment management, then check out our program at Dean College. With specialties in sport management, arts and entertainment management and more, you’ll be on the right track for the career of your dreams. Prepare yourself for a future in the always buzzing world of entertainment with a bachelor’s degree in the subject – the sky’s the limit!