Dean College dance program students in the Performing Arts Studio

High school students who want to study dance in college have some important decisions to make. The most crucial of them is: which college to attend? Since not all college dance programs are created equal, students have to carefully weigh all of the factors in order to make the best possible decision. After all, you don’t want to enroll in a program that isn’t a good fit or won’t provide you with the training that you need.

How do you determine which program is the best fit for your dance career goals? Here are some tips to get you started.

What Type of Dance Do You Specialize In?

Since there are many different types of dance styles, the ones taught and perfected by a college dance program matter quite a bit. Some schools have a program that includes classes in many different types of dance, allowing students to gain plenty of skills in all of them. This prepares them for a career on the stage, working for a particular singer or group.

However, there are programs that only include courses on specific types of dance, like ballet, with the goal of preparing students for the life of a professional ballerina. It’s important to choose a program that aligns with your overall dance goals.

Do You Want a Well-Rounded Education?

Not only do some schools have dance programs, but they also require their students to study a range of different subjects as a part of their general education program. This provides students with the chance to learn more about things like marketing, microeconomics, communications, history and more, all of which will help them in the future. You’d be surprised at the role these things can play in a dance career.

What About Specialty Dance Majors?

Some students don’t want to be professional dancers, but instead, they want a career in the wide-ranging field of dance. These students need a dance program that not only allows them to fine-tune their dancing skills but also gain the experience that they need to work in a select segment of the field. For example, dancers can become program managers, dance school owners and more. Having a specialty only makes it more likely that they’ll be able to get a job in this particular field.

Professional and On-Stage Experience Matter

In addition to dance courses, aspiring dancers need to choose a college program that provides them with plenty of on-stage experience. Many colleges have performances that they hold at certain times of the year, allowing dancers to prepare for them and hone their skills before appearing on stage. Additionally, some schools have connections to professional dance programs and can set up their students with these important contacts.

Looking for a College Dance Program?

If you want a career in dance and are looking for a college program that will help you meet your goals, then check out Dean College. Our dance program includes numerous forms of dance, as well as the ability to choose a specialty, like studio management or choreography. We prepare our elite dancers for many different aspects of professional dance life and help them grow as both individuals and dancers along the way. Request more information, today!