A Dean College Summer Pre-College Program student in 2021

Parents of high schoolers – are you looking for something fun and educational for your teenager? Whether they want to learn more about a particular field, or you want them to see what college will really be like by experiencing it for two weeks, a pre-college summer program for high school students is an option that is hard to turn down. Designed for students who are interested in sport management, forensic science, or sports broadcasting, these programs offer hands-on experience, lectures, and even college credits.

Sport Management

Future sports managers have probably seen movies like Jerry Maguire more times than they can count. However, until they get behind the scenes at a stadium, give client pitches, and present various related plans, they don’t really know what the field is like. This is why the Dean College pre-college summer program in sport management and leadership is really beneficial. The lectures, all given by experts and professors in the field, will explain what really matters when they’re dealing with clients and trying to negotiate. Plus, the chance to enjoy those hands-on activities is too good to pass up.

Forensic Science

If your high school student is a budding forensic scientist and enjoys watching television shows like NCIS, Forensic Files, or old episodes of CSI, then the forensic science program will definitely interest them. During the two-week program, students learn how to analyze blood spatter, take fingerprints, and analyze stomach contents and trace evidence. Even better, they’ll get to go behind the scenes at a police station and enjoy lectures given by experts in the field. This program is one that future forensic scientists will love, because they actually get to handle evidence and construct crime scenes and profiles of perpetrators.

Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting is one field where hands-on experience matters. Whether participants are learning how to give a play-by-play description of a live sporting event, developing their personal brand or putting together some video footage of asking questions or presenting stats and updates on video for their reel, students who attend the Dean College sports broadcasting pre-college summer program will receive experience that they won’t receive elsewhere. It takes a certain amount of practice to successfully do play-by-play announcements and appear on camera, so the more experience you can get, the better! The lectures, all given by those with experience in the field, will fill in their knowledge gaps and give them a leg up on their fellow students.

What You Need to Know

In 2021, Dean College pre-college summer programs take place from July 26th to August 6th. All three programs run at the same time, so students will get to meet those interested in the other fields as well. Students have the chance to live on campus for those two weeks, eating in the cafeteria and bonding with each other, or to commute, if they live close enough. The most important thing is that they get a taste of both college life and their future careers, and can earn college credits for completing the program. Interested in learning more? Request more information, today.