Dean College students working together on their continuing education certificate program

No one wants to remain stuck in the same job for decades. Those who want to move on to better positions, whether they’re with the same company or a different one, no doubt look for ways to grow their careers. In these situations, nothing works quite as well as going back to school to learn new skills or enhance existing ones. Although it may seem tough to balance school, work and family life, this is where the Dean College School of Continuing Studies comes into play. Designed to help adults grow their careers, the school offers several useful certificate programs that will help you grow in your industry.


Accounting knowledge can help you go a long way. Whether you’re already working as a bookkeeper and want to enhance your skills, or get a feel for what it would be like to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting, starting off with a certificate is a good idea. You’ll be able to get to the heart of accounting, without having to take any general education courses.

Business Management

A certificate in business management is incredibly versatile and useful, no matter which segment of the business world you fit into. Courses in subjects like basic accounting, introduction to business, marketing and more can set you up for a very interesting career trajectory. If you want to move up in the company that you currently work for, or plan to move to a different job, these skills will easily go with you.

Human Resource Management

Practically every company, no matter the size, has someone working in human resources. In smaller companies, these employees multi-task and fill several roles, but still need to stay on top of things like employee manual updates, tracking days off and other tasks that fit into the human resources category.

Early Childhood Education

With two options to choose from, adult learners can go back to school and earn a certificate in teaching early childhood education, as well as one in early childhood education administration. It all depends on what their goals are. For example, someone who has tired of working as a teacher, but still wants to help children, might find that administration is the way to go.


Whether you have computer skills or are willing to learn them, then a cybersecurity certificate program might just be the best option for you. A certificate in this program will get you on the right path towards a career in this field, which is growing all of the time due to internet-based threats and hacking. Cybersecurity employees are in charge of not only detecting and stopping hacks, but also putting together secure networks and taking other measures to keep systems protected.

Consider Enrolling in a Part-Time Program at Dean College

If you’re thinking of going back to school as an adult in order to enhance your existing knowledge or change your career path, then look no further than the many certificate programs available through the Dean College School of Continuing Studies.