Wreath with red, white and blue flowers at the War Memorial on the Dean College campus

Each year, Dean College honors veterans in our community and across our country through our annual Veterans Day Ceremony in front of the War Memorial on campus. With a number of current students, faculty and staff who are veterans or active members of the military – and countless veterans who have passed through our doors over the years – this is a day that holds significant meaning to the College.

One such veteran is Jim Beauregard, technical director and associate professor of Theatre and Dance, and frequent speaker at the annual Veterans Day Ceremony. Beauregard served four years in the Army, earning the rank of Sergeant E-5 by the time he left. While in the service, Beauregard attended Air Assault School, Basic Non-Commissioned Officers School, Primary Leadership Development Course and Nuclear Biological and Chemical School. He also sang with the 25th Infantry Soldiers Chorus and received a Good Conduct Medal, an Overseas Ribbon and multiple Army Achievement Certificates over the course of his military career.

Beauregard attributes his time in the military with having an enormous impact on his time as a professor at Dean.

“My Army experience was an incredible lesson in collaboration and has given me the focus to lead and work with my students,” he explained. “I learned to push myself while working with those around me. I discovered confidence in myself while serving, and now I try to inspire confidence in my students. I am constantly looking for untapped potential in my students and for the next student willing to lead by example.”

His service also taught him valuable lessons that he still implements today.

“My experience in the military parallels my experience in the arts, in that you need to prepare for success,” he said. “My father-in law, who was an educator and served in World War II, always said, ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.’”

Even while serving in the Army, Beauregard knew he would come back to life as an artist. During his 30-day leaves, he would return to the Cumberland Company for the Performing Arts, swinging a sword, dancing, acting – and preparing for his future in theatre. But it was his time in the Army that taught Beauregard so much about himself, and made him a better artist for it.

Beauregard is just one of many past and present veterans within the Dean community whose story and experience have made an impact on both the College and the nation. And he is just one of many veterans across the country whose courage and dedication we honor on this day each year.

“On Veterans Day, I am thankful for all that served,” Beauregard said. “I know our country is an incredible place to live and it is in large part due to those who served this country. I feel proud to be a part of the military community.”

Dean College is proud of all who have served our nation. Please join us in honoring our veterans during our annual Veterans Day Ceremony at 2:00 p.m. in front of the War Memorial outside of Dean Hall.