Entertainment Business Degree students preparing for a theatre production

Are you considering a degree in entertainment business? Do you want to work somewhere in the entertainment industry, just not in front of a screen or on stage? If so, then a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management might be the right fit. After all, there are plenty of things that you can do with a degree in this field.

Wondering what doors an entertainment business degree could open for you? Read on to learn more about the many career options that await.

1. Public Relations

Enjoy promoting events? Want to help spread the word about other people’s talent, career milestones or the events put on by theatre and arts programs? Working in public relations allows you to do all of this and more. In PR, you’ll be helping introduce programs and actors to the world, or even doing a little bit of damage control, if needed. The field varies quite a bit.

2. Producer or Director

Want to ensure that your vision ends up on stage or on film? If so, then consider going into producing and directing. A producer does more than just fund productions. Instead, they play a key role in putting all of the pieces together and making things happen. A director collaborates with the producer to ensure that their vision is met as well. Without a director, no one would know what to do.

3. Program Manager

A program manager is usually in charge of a certain segment of a theatre program. They may be in charge of just the upcoming musicals or only the standard stage plays. Others run things behind the scenes, making sure that the costumes, sets and more all come together as planned just in time for the dress rehearsal. Without someone playing this crucial role, many theatre productions wouldn’t go as planned.

4. Theatre Program Director

Prefer to be in charge of an entire program? There are theatre programs out there that need directors who know what they’re doing, from fundraising to choosing pieces for each performance. With a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management, you’ll have all of the skills needed to run these programs successfully, making a mark for yourself in the process.

5. Talent Agents

Do you have an eye for talent? Or recognize when someone has just the right amount of chemistry and skills to make it big? If so, then you could work as a talent agent. A degree in Arts and Entertainment Management will help you put all of these skills into place, assisting you in finding the newest talent that you think has the ability to make it big. After all, every talent agent wants to discover the next big star.

Consider a Degree in Arts and Entertainment Management

If you’re thinking about majoring in Arts and Entertainment Management, then check out the program offered by Dean College. With a solid background in numerous topics, like arts and entertainment law, marketing for arts and entertainment and live events, and even production and design, you’ll be ready to take on the arts and entertainment world once you graduate. Request more information, today!