a forensic science specialist working at a crime scene - a great opportunity for high school students

Forensic science. The words mean a lot to those high school students who spend their days watching fictional shows like Bones, CSI, and NCIS, as well as non-fiction ones on Investigation Discovery. No matter what their favorite shows are, one thing is for certain – they want to someday work in the field and would love to know more. This is where pre-college summer programs, like the one offered by Dean College in forensic science, come in handy. Not only do students get a chance to experience college life, but they also get invaluable hands-on experience in the field.

Attend Lectures Given by Experts

For the forensic science pre-college summer program, Dean College has lined up a number of experts to give lectures on a number of related topics. Representing law enforcement, academics (some of Dean College’s own professors), and forensic science, these experts will tell students everything that they know about a segment of the field. As with any college course, students can ask questions when necessary, take notes, and learn as much as they can about what the expert is speaking about. The information taught is important, as it will play a role in the later activities.

Enjoy Hands-On Lab Experience

It wouldn’t be a pre-college summer program without some hands-on experience. Since forensic science isn’t for the faint of heart, learning how to interpret blood spatter and examine stomach contents will definitely help students determine whether or not the field is for them. Other hands-on activities center around fingerprints, blood typing and studies, trace analysis, and forensic entomology (yes, studying the insects that flock to the deceased). Students who love the field will find these activities to be invaluable, as they definitely won’t get to do these things in their high school courses.

Spend Time On Extracurricular Activities

On top of the lectures and lab experience, there are a number of extracurricular activities that students who attend the Dean College program will get to enjoy. For example, there’s a tour of a police station, where attendees will get to go behind the scenes at the Franklin Police Station and get the “inside scoop.” Other activities aren’t related to the field of forensic science but are no less important to the “college experience.” Playing miniature golf, going to Patriot Place, and attending a professional sporting event are just a few examples of the fun things that students will enjoy.

Get a Taste of College Life

For two weeks of their summer, leaving them with the chance to still work a part-time job or spend the rest of the time focusing on other activities and interests, students can get a taste of college life on the Dean Campus. Whether they’re in the lab, attending a lecture, eating in the cafeteria, or socializing in the dorm (unless they choose to commute, that is), high schoolers will realize that college life is more than what’s seen on television – as is forensic science.

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