Dean College Forensics Students participating in a forensic science summer program

Watching a forensics lab on television, like the one on the original CSI or one of the many versions of NCIS, just isn't the same as physically being in the lab. High school students who love listening to true crime podcasts, enjoy science and want to be a part of a real forensics lab one day can experience forensic science before they graduate, thanks to our pre-college summer program in forensic science.

What does this program entail? Hands-on experience and much more! Here's what students will get to do during this week-long program.

Hands-On Lab Learning

Can a crime actually be solved in a short amount of time, like it is on television? Students will learn the truth during the pre-college summer program, as they'll spend time in a lab, learning how to do a blood spatter analysis and take fingerprints. In addition, they'll spend time performing a trace evidence analysis, performing a forensic pathology analysis and even learning more about forensic entomology. All of these things will bring the truth to light, so they'll know just how long these tests take and how accurate they can be.

Lectures Given by Professionals in the Field

On top of plenty of lab time, students will attend lectures given by experts in the field of forensics. These experts come from three different parts of the field, including law enforcement, forensic science and the academic side of forensic science. As a result, students will learn more about what it takes to work as a forensic scientist, as well as hear about how professionals work side-by-side with police officers and other experts.

Additional Off-Campus Trips and Other Fun Things

In addition to spending time in the classroom and lab, there are a number of off-campus trips for students to enjoy. They'll go to the Franklin Police Station, where they get to go behind the scenes to see what law enforcement does when they aren't out in the streets keeping an eye on things.

Plus, students can attend movie nights, go bowling and visit an arcade, so it isn't all work. There's plenty of fun involved as well.

A Chance to Experience College Life

On top of all of the time spent in labs and lecture halls, students will get to see what college is really like. They'll live in dorms, eat in the cafeteria and spend time socializing with their peers. There's nothing quite like spending a week as a college student while still in high school. It will truly let them experience what's waiting for them once they graduate from high school.

At Dean College, we offer two different pre-college summer program sessions in forensic science. One takes place during the week of July 24 – July 29, 2022, and the other July 31 – August 5, 2022. During these sessions, student will live on campus (unless they are close enough to commute) and spend time in lectures and labs, learning more about forensic science from the experts. They can even earn college credit for completing the program. Come explore the exciting world of forensic science with us this summer.