A student on their computer looking for the perfect high school summer program.

High schoolers who want to appear well-rounded when applying for the college of their choice need to spend some time in a summer program. More so than a job or simply hanging out with friends, these programs allow them to learn more about a certain aspect of the career field of their choice, or even more about the world at large, if they choose a travel-based program. With so many options available, it’s rare that a student who wants to get into a top college chooses not to attend one of these high school summer programs.

Pre-College Summer Programs

A pre-college summer program is designed to give high school students both a taste of college life and some experience in a field that they would like to enter. For example, here at Dean College, we offer three different two-week programs in the fields of forensic science, sport management, and sports broadcasting. All include the opportunity to live in a dormitory with fellow students, spending free time doing activities both on and off campus, and most importantly, attending lectures given by professionals in the field and time in science labs, broadcast booths, and even management offices. Plus, students can even receive college credit for completing the program.

Student Travel Programs

Another type of high school summer program, these student travel programs are designed to give students the opportunity to experience other cultures, see important landmarks, and have fun while doing so. Some of these programs are run by local schools, while others are by major institutions, like the Smithsonian. Either way, students get group tours if historic locations, which will give them something to write about on their college applications.

Summer-Long Workshops

Students who are interested in certain forms of the arts, like acting or playwriting, may want to attend summer-long workshops in those fields. Theaters and non-profit organizations in larger cities often hold these workshops, which take place for either a few hours a day certain days of the week or for eight-hour days from Monday through Friday, similar to a job. Spending time with like-minded people is only part of the draw for the students who choose to attend. Others enjoy enhancing their skills and making valuable connections in the field.

Virtual Programs

Thanks to COVID-19 and the advent of virtual schooling for students around the country, many colleges are holding their programs virtually this summer. This means that students get to attend from the comfort of their home, where they can relax while attending lectures and completing workshop-based assignments. Although it sounds a little unusual, you can rest assured that these virtual programs are often as detailed as their in-person counterparts and that students can still chat with their fellow attendees and even earn college credits from them.

Dance and Musical Theatre Summer Programs

High schoolers who want to learn more about the arts – or those who enjoy participating in dance and theatrical productions will be happy to know that there are special summer programs designed just for them. Dean College has a one-week intensive program in musical theatre, as well as one in dance. The Summer Arts Institute includes a variety of training sessions led by professional guest artists, as well as workshops designed to teach students the skills that they need to apply for jobs in the field, such as putting together a digital portfolio and going on auditions. These programs are monitored and residential, meaning that students stay on campus under close supervision. A member of the Dean College athletic trainer staff is also always on hand in case of injuries.

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