Dean College students getting autographs at Gillette Stadium wondering how they can become a sports marketing manager

Without a marketing department, how would anyone know that their city has a sports team? Sure, they might stumble upon it organically, but that’s no way to run a business. Instead, a professional team needs to have a marketing department behind it in order to keep the public informed. Things like ticket sales, special giveaways, and other promotions need to be announced in many different ways in order for the team to be financially successful, and it falls on the marketers to make that happen.

If your aspirations are to someday become a sports marketing manager, here’s what you need to do to get started.

It Helps to Get a College Degree

Sure, there are people who worked their way up to become sports marketing managers without having gone to college, but for the most part, those who find themselves in the position have a college degree. A bachelor’s degree in a field like marketing, sports marketing or even sport management can provide a solid foundation for the job because students will gain very in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the sport industry.

A solid sport management program, like the one offered by Dean College, requires students to take courses in sports ethics, sports psychology, sports marketing and more. You’ll also take an array of business, marketing, advertising and management courses, all of which will come in handy when you’re working as the head of a sports team’s marketing department.

Spend Time Interning

Not only do you need all the information taught in the classroom, but you also need some hands-on experience to get into the professional sports industry. An internship not only provides this experience, but it also helps you get to know the people who work there, and who may be able to assist you in getting a job after you graduate from college. Many sports teams offer internships in one or more of their departments either during their off seasons or their prime season. Students may also get college credits in exchange for their time spent interning which will help their college career as well.

Start Off on the Ground Floor

Most people don’t work as a sports marketing manager right away unless they have plenty of prior experience. Instead, recent college graduates usually start off working in the department itself, beginning with a simple role and then expanding to include additional tasks as they work their way up the corporate ladder. By working hard, being willing to learn and cheerfully taking on additional responsibilities, you’ll find your way as a manager, in charge of the department, before you know it.

Consider Dean College

Dean College has a well-rounded sport management bachelor’s degree program that includes courses in just about everything that students need to know to work in the field. Between the courseload, the internship requirement and the proximity to several professional sports teams, you’ll be in a great position to work in a sports marketing department and begin working your way up in the exciting sports industry. Ready to take the first step? Request more information, today!