Three paramedics loading a stretcher into an ambulance while discussing how much their paramedic training costs

Current EMTs in Massachusetts who are considering taking the next steps towards becoming a licensed paramedic are most likely wondering two things – how much does the training cost, and what does it entail? These are both important pieces of the puzzle because those already working as an emergency medical technician will need to adjust their schedules to attend these important classes. So, to simplify things and encourage your ultimate success, we have broken down all these crucial details below, including the costs and what they mean, making it easy for interested learners to understand and begin planning their next steps.

Paramedic Training at Dean College

Dean College offers a paramedic training program for current emergency medical technicians who want to take the next step in their careers. Topics covered through the paramedic program include learning emergency pharmacology, how to interpret EKGs, and even how to manage medical and trauma emergencies. Additional courses teach advanced airway management and vascular access. The courses take place in the evenings, with a lab session on Saturdays. By the end of the program, students will have all the working knowledge and skills necessary to pass the state and national licensing exams in order to be employed as a paramedic. However, students must apply, pass the entrance evaluation, and pay their tuition before their training can begin. 

Costs of Paramedic Training

There are several important costs that potential students need to be aware of. Although books and additional supplies cost a bit extra, the primary expenses are tuition, uniforms, and an online student evaluation. Every student in the paramedic program is responsible for these costs.

Online Student Evaluation – When students apply to the program, they need to complete an application and pay a $100 fee for their online student evaluation. This testing covers things like reading and math skills, as well as elements like anxiety, personal motivation, and learning styles. In addition, there’s the emergency medical assessment that is included in the online student evaluation. It’s important that all students admitted to the program have the ability to succeed and must prove this through the evaluation. 

Tuition – The overall tuition price for the paramedic training program at Dean College is $8,550. Of that, $500 must be paid at the time of acceptance to the program, as it counts as a deposit and guarantees the student a spot in the 2020 paramedic program cohort. Tuition covers the cost of the courses needed to complete the training, as each student earns 28 credit hours for successfully completing the program. The cost of instructors, time in the lab and classroom, and other necessities (not counting books and the state/national test fees) are included in the tuition. 

Uniforms – Currently, the cost of uniforms runs around $200 for each student. Why are uniforms important, you ask? Well first, students spend plenty of time in the lab, learning important lifesaving and general emergency medical techniques. It’s important to wear a uniform to not only avoid potentially getting your street clothing contaminated, but also to acclimate students to the garb worn by paramedics and become comfortable with it. Plus, it helps students get into the right mindset before every lab session. 

EMTs and paramedics are on the front lines of our country’s healthcare system, ensuring our safety and health each and every day. So, at Dean College, we are proud to help EMTs take the next step in their life-saving careers and become licensed paramedics. 

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