Esports are not only one of the newest (and most popular) teams to appear on college campuses around the country, but professional online gaming has become quite a hot career choice as well. There are plenty of well-known professional Esports players out there, as well as many people supporting them, such as sports agents and broadcasters. In order to begin a career in Esports, you need to know as much as possible about the many aspects of the field, including the games that are played, how to broadcast them, and what’s involved in sports management. Even better, you can get a leg up on this career when you’re still in high school.

Play on an Esports Team

Unlike other sports, where you can have a behind-the-scenes job, like working as a broadcaster, without having played the sport in question (it’s all about your knowledge) in order to truly get a feel for what Esports entails, it helps to join a team. Many high schools and colleges have created Esports teams that compete against others across the country. Spending some time on one of these teams is good practice for later, when you’re planning an Esports career.

Spend Some Time Behind the Scenes

Going behind the scenes at an Esports gaming fest is a bit different than going behind the scenes at a sports stadium. While some of the aspects remain, such as the professional Esports players and their teammates, the entire setup is different, as it includes large screens and video game setups. If you can intern or volunteer for one of these gaming tournaments, you’ll not only get access to these athletes, but you can also get a feel for how the games are played and what the setup entails. It’s a good way to see how everything works.

Attend a Pre-College Sports Management Program

If you’re still in high school and want to get a feel for what a career in the sports management side of Esports may entail, then look for a pre-college sports management program. The one here at Dean College takes place over two weeks and includes the entire college experience, from attending lectures by experts in the field to workshops where you learn how to deliver a successful client pitch. Since many Esports stars now have powerful agents working for them, thanks to the way that the field is growing, this is one good way to see if a sports management job is the one for you.

Learn About Broadcasting

Yes, broadcasting does play a role in Esports. While you may not hear these games being replayed on traditional radio channels, there are numerous podcasts dedicated to the sport. And who better to start or a get a job hosting a popular podcast than someone who has a broadcasting background? Whether you decide to minor in broadcasting or just dabble by getting a show on your campus radio or TV station, this is one good way to start off a well-rounded Esports career.

Interested in exploring a career in Esports? Start by enrolling in our sport management pre-college summer program.