Dean College students discussing how to get into event planning while sitting outside

Do you dream of putting together events? Do you enjoy watching all of the pieces fall into place on the day of the event? Do you like to plan things, work with others and make people happy? If so, then a career in event planning might be just what you’re looking for.

In order to get into this exciting field, there are a few things that you need to do, as well as other suggestions that can help you get started. After all, it takes some practice in order to successfully pull off an event of any magnitude.

Want to Get into Event Planning? Get a Degree in a Related Field.

While it’s possible to get into event planning on experience alone, it helps to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Consider majoring in marketing, management, business or even a specialty like arts and entertainment management. Dean College has a degree offering in that specific field, which sets students up for a number of career options, from venue management, where you might find yourself helping plan events, to specific event planning.

Additionally, it never hurts to learn as much as possible about the business and marketing world if you want to become an event planner. You may find yourself owning your own business someday.

Get Some Volunteer Experience

Experience is the key to someday working as an event planner. This means that you need to take advantage of every potential opportunity that will give you the chance to put together parts of an event. There are many different organizations out there, particularly non-profits, which need all of the volunteer help that they can get in order to keep their costs down and stretch the money raised from these events. Volunteering for one or more of them can provide you with some of the valuable experience you need.

Work For an Event Planning Company

Since you’ll need additional experience putting events together, it helps to spend some time working for an event planning company. You’ll learn more about the field and what it involves, and you’ll also get to see what it’s like to run your own business. The more that you learn the better, especially when it comes to event planning, since there are many pieces that all need to come together in order for an event to flow seamlessly.

Build a Portfolio and Resume

If you want to strike out on your own as an event planner, you’ll need a portfolio and a resume. Your portfolio should consist of photos of the event, particularly those that feature the setting, venue, decorations and everything else that you put together. You can also include video since those are so popular and help set the scene for your work. Put your portfolio on the internet and include a link to it on your resume, which should feature all of your experience as an event planner.

Start Your Own Business

Finally, once you have enough event planning experience and plenty of connections, it’s time to branch out on your own as an event planner. Starting your own business puts you in control of everything from choosing your clients to putting together your own themed packages and more! The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your clients happy. Ready to take the first step? Request more information, today!