A group of high school students enjoying their time at the Dean College Summer Pre-College Summer Program.

Pre-college summer programs, like the ones offered by Dean College, serve an important purpose. Sure, they give students the chance to earn college credits and do something other than going to a traditional summer camp or working on a part-time. They also give high schoolers a chance to learn something new, connect and network with others, have a little fun, and even make new friends. These are just some of the ways in which students can get the most out of these programs.

Embracing the Learning Experience

There are few ways for high school students to learn more about a potential career field that interests them. Thankfully, pre-college summer programs, like the ones Dean College offers in forensic science, sport management and leadership, and sports broadcasting, exist. For two weeks out of their summers, students will learn all about the career that interests them. By going to lectures, asking questions, and getting hours of hands-on experience, students can learn more than they every would from a book.

Connecting with Like-Minded People

Getting a job in certain fields is sometimes more about who you know than what you know. Yes, it’s crucial to know as much as possible about it, but proper networking is critical. Since professionals in the field are the guest lecturers for Dean College’s pre-college summer programs, students will get a chance to get to know them and make a positive impression. On top of that, while touring a stadium, spending time in a broadcast booth, or doing a forensic activity, like learning about blood spatter, students will meet even more professionals in the field. These connections are invaluable.

Enjoying Doing Something Different

There are plenty of things for high school students to do over the course of a summer, but why not do something different? Traditional summer camps, working part-time jobs, or just spending the summer on the beach or poolside just can’t compare to the fun of going off the beaten path, so to speak, and enjoying a few weeks learning about what they want to do later in life. A pre-college summer program makes learning fun, and gives students something to talk about once they return to high school in the fall. There’s nothing quite like it, so why not enroll?

Making New Friends

Who doesn’t want to make new friends? When students head off to college, they’ll be thrust into an environment with people that they’re just meeting. This is quite different from high school, where students have more than likely known each other for many years. Why not practice making new friends and adjusting quickly to a new place during a pre-college summer program? Dean College not only provides plenty of chances for high schoolers to learn but also to socialize with their peers. Making new friends will be easy! Interested in learning more about our pre-college summer programs? Request more information, today.