Students in the stands at a Dean College football game wondering if a career in event marketing is right for them

Do you like collaborating with a team? Do you want to see the pride on their faces, as well as yours, when a large event goes as planned? Do you want to put everything that you have into making an event a success? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, then a career in event marketing might be just what you’re looking for.

Wondering if this career path is the right one for you? Here are a few other things to consider before making your decision.

You Enjoy Working on Different Types of Events

As an event marketer, you’ll find yourself working on numerous kinds of events. Fundraisers for nonprofits, film premieres, special events at sports stadiums and even fancy dinners put on by various groups are some of the events that you’ll need to publicize. If you love the hype of events, this career will be very rewarding.

You Like Watching All of the Pieces Come Together

Event marketing is just one part of the overall event-planning process. There are plenty of small pieces, from booking the entertainment to setting up the venue, which go into ensuring the event will go well. As an event marketer, you play a key role in getting people to attend the event, but you also get to see everyone else do their jobs well and see how the final results materialize.

You’re a People Person

Since planning an event requires a lot of different people who all have distinct roles, you need to get along with just about everyone to be a good event marketer. Those who excel at the job tend to be extroverts, as well as people who just enjoy being around others and working as a team.

You Don’t Mind Those Occasional Stressful Moments

The speed at which an event comes together can go from zero to 60 pretty quickly. This means that you might have many days where you can get things done at a comfortable pace, and then several days closer to the event where everything speeds up. At those latter times, things can get a little stressful. As long as you can work through those moments, then you can handle being an event marketer.

You’ve Considered Opening Your Own Business

Once you’ve established yourself as a successful event marketer, you can open up your own company in the field. Whether you choose to only market events, or hire people who can put an entire event together from start to finish, you’d be the boss.

You Want to Study Marketing

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree to work as an event marketer, it certainly helps to have one. For example, a degree in marketing is a good way to show potential employers that you have the skills required to market an event successfully. Some of the courses that you’ll take include those on advertising, analytics, communication, and of course, marketing. If you have any questions on the degree program, let us know!