Dean College dancer on stage after landing a dance internship

Dance majors who plan to enter a segment of the industry will benefit from an internship. Working in a theatre, whether as part of the technical staff, behind the scenes doing marketing and programming, or even on stage, are all viable career options for college dance majors. One of the best ways to determine which of these options is for you is by accepting a dance internship (or two). Completed during the school year or over the summer, these internships can be great methods of learning more about the dance world.

So, how can you land one? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Check With Your Current School

Most colleges have an office staffed with people who will leverage their connections and know-how to help you get a job once you graduate. Did you know that they can also help you find an internship? This office should be your first stop if you're looking for a way to get some real-life experience in the dance field. The employees can help you with everything from applying to interviewing. After all, they want to see you succeed, and sometimes it takes an internship to do just that.

Ask Your Instructors and Program Leaders

Your college dance program should have an inside track on which internships are available in the field, as well as what the people who are running those programs are looking for in an intern. They can provide you with everything that you'll need to apply, as well as provide a handy reference or two should you need one.

Look Online and Don't Be Afraid to Ask

If you want an internship with a specific theatre or program, don't wait for someone to place an ad for interns on a job-seeking website. Instead, go directly to that theatre or program's website. They might have a listing for interns there, as well as some specifics so that you can apply. However, if you don't see what you're looking for, don’t be afraid to reach out to the program. They might not have an internship program in place, but they might be willing to create a position for someone who's willing to take the initiative to become an intern.

Check Dance Magazines

There are a number of dance publications out there, ranging from those that tailor to a specific style of dance to others that list possible auditions. No matter the specialty, you may be able to find a dance internship listed in the publication that you qualify for. All that you'll need to do is follow through with the application requirements and officially apply.

If you're considering majoring in dance and want to earn a well-rounded Bachelor of Arts in the subject, make sure to check out the Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance here at Dean College. The school offers a number of concentrations in dance and provides plenty of on-stage experience as well. Students who are a part of our dance program have gone on to intern for a number of well-known programs.