A high school student working on a laptop while trying to make the most of their summer.

How do most high school students spend their summers? Many of them find part-time jobs in order to save money for college, a vehicle of their own, or anything else that they need. Others find ways to better prepare themselves for college and their future careers, by applying for scholarships, working an internship, or even attending a pre-college summer program. With so many possibilities, there’s no reason to spend an entire summer lounging around when it's entirely possible to make the most of your summer – by taking the next steps towards success in college and beyond.

Finding a Job

One thing that high school students can do over the summer while on a break is finding a job. There are plenty of part-time options available, ranging from working in retail and fast food to something a bit more specialized, based on their interests. These jobs not only look good on a resume, but they provide students with plenty of experience working with others, as well as dealing with customers which is something that they'll most likely do over and over again in the various facets of their life.

Applying for Scholarships

Another way to make the most of summer is to spend it searching and applying for various college scholarships. There are plenty of them available, from those awarded by local community organizations to those given out by the school itself or larger, national groups. While some are based on grade point average alone and are automatically handed out with an acceptance letter, others require an application form, an essay, some letters of recommendation, and more. Spending part of your summer applying for college scholarships can be a great use of your time, as the rewards – paying less money for college – are well worth it.

Working as an Intern

While some students wait until they're in college to become an intern, others get a jump on it while still in high school. Spending the summer interning can provide high schoolers with plenty of experience and even help them enhance their knowledge. Even if they choose to intern at a place that they have no intention of working, they still gain valuable organizational and leadership skills and make important connections in the community at the same time.

Attending a Pre-College Summer Program

Finally, there are pre-college summer programs, like the ones offered by Dean College. These programs, such as those in sports management, forensics, sports broadcasting, or dance and theatre can provide students with excellent learning opportunities, as well as a taste of college life. Students spend part of the time in a classroom, listening to lectures given by experts in the field, and the rest of their time in a lab, radio studio, or even behind the scenes at a sports arena. They have the chance to live on campus during that time and can also get college credits at the school of their choice, just for completing the program.

Clearly, when school’s out for the summer, there are plenty of options to keep you busy and to help you grow as a person before you take those first steps onto a college campus. Whether you choose to get a job, apply for scholarships, grab an internship, or attend a pre-college program, it’s time to make the most of your summer!