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High school students with learning disabilities may feel a bit nervous about how things will go when they enter college. After all, they may be used to having the material adapted to their needs in high school, where they may have had an IEP or a 504 plan in place, as well as a more structured schedule.

Once they enter college, all of that changes, and they are not only responsible for their daily course schedule, but they may not know how to ask for accommodations and other things that they need to succeed.

While managing a learning disability in college may seem daunting, Dean College offers several resources and support programs to help you succeed. Here are some tips to help you get off on the right foot.

Utilizing the Office of Accessibility

The Office of Accessibility Services is designed to help not only students with physical disabilities, but also students with learning disabilities as well. By offering a number of different learning support services, aids, resources and accommodations, all based on the student's needs, utilizing the Office of Accessibility Services can make all the difference in helping students succeed in their college courses. Students with learning disabilities and/or other learning differences can work directly with the Office of Accessibility Services to make sure they have the support that best meets their needs.

Asking for Assistive Technology

Modern technology has helped students with learning disabilities in more ways than one. A student who has issues taking notes in class can record and listen to the lectures, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Programs can read notes and PowerPoint lectures to students who have a vision impairment or a visual processing disorder. These are just a few examples of the many assistive technologies out there. The Office of Accessibility Services can provide students with learning disabilities with the assistive technology that they need to succeed inside the classroom.

Getting Additional Time for Assignments and Exams

Some students with learning disabilities need additional time for their assignments and exams. Those who need a permanently extended deadline (such as the end of the semester) for written papers need to work with the Office of Accessibility Services to make sure they receive the time that they need to get everything completed. Things like exams and quizzes may be able to be taken at different times than the rest of the students in the course, so that those who need additional time to take them won't feel rushed or under pressure. There are many different things that a professor can do to ensure that students who need this type of help receive it.

Using a Variety of Apps

In addition to special assistive technologies and receiving extra time to do assignments, there are numerous apps available for tablets and smartphones that students with learning disabilities can download. Things like Grammarly can catch spelling and grammar errors, while other organizational and productivity apps can help set deadlines, break down assignments into smaller tasks and help with studying.

Thankfully, students can rest assured that schools with an Office of Accessibility Services and plenty of learning support programs are well equipped to help those with learning disabilities succeed and complete their degrees. Learn more, today!