From workshops and study labs to assistive technology, Dean has you covered.

About Technology and Study Aids 

At Dean College, our students are given all of the tools needed to succeed, including:

Study Labs – Quiet spaces for students to study, our labs are staffed by a professional facilitator with the ability to coordinate professional and peer tutoring services as needed.

Workshops – Our staff lead workshops on a variety of learning strategy topics, such as time management, presentation strategies, collaborative group work and test preparation.

Assistive Technology – Assistive technology has traditionally been developed for people with disabilities; however, much of this type of technology can be beneficial to all learners.
Combining Assistive Technology with students focusing on their individual strengths is a highly effective approach to promoting improved learning. This is an approach that is embraced and promoted at The Morton Family Learning Center.

Assistive Technology Available

A Dean College student working on a laptop We offer a variety of technology to help our students succeed.