Dean College is committed to the full participation of students in all aspects of college life, including dining experiences.

Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form

The Ultimate Dining Plan is required for all resident students and offers all students unlimited access to the Smith Dining Center during operating hours.  In certain situations, students may need to request special dietary accommodations.  The Dining Center works with students to help them meet their special dietary needs and will assist students with food allergies to make their own food choices.  Some food allergies and intolerances may also be managed independently within the Dining Center.  Prior to submitting a request, please review the Sodexo Brochure, which provides a detailed description of the services available daily to students in the Dining Center.  Students with documented disabilities who believe that eating in the Dining Center is not viable due to medically necessitated dietary requirements may request a meal plan accommodation by following the procedure below.  The submission of the Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation does not guarantee a specific request will be granted, but rather, will assist in evaluating accommodations. 

Procedures for Requesting Meal Plan Accommodations

Students are required to: 

  • Meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator (DSS) to discuss the accommodation request process, their dietary needs, and possible options
  • Meet with the Director of the Dining Center to discuss dining options (depending on the request)
  • Complete and submit a Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form
  • Have the Housing/Meal Plan Accommodation Documentation Form completed by their licensed/qualified medical provider 
  • Ensure that provider documentation is submitted to the Accessibility Services Coordinator.  Please note that DSS may ask for additional information from the student and/or their practitioner. 
  • Submit their application/request in a timely manner
  • Reapply for a Meal Plan Accommodation each year
  • Forward questions regarding the process to the Accessibility Services Office

The Meal Plan Accommodation Review Committee:

The committee can consist of members from any of the following offices: Accessibility Services, Sodexo, Student Development, Counseling Center, Health Services

The Committee: 

  • Will determine if additional information is needed to assess the requested accommodation(s) 
  • Will work with the student to determine what accommodation(s) would be appropriate to meet the student's needs 
  • Will promptly communicate its decision to the student in writing (or by email)