Dean College is committed to the full participation of students in all aspects of college life, including residential experiences.

Housing Accommodations

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA) of 2008, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Fair Housing Act amended in 1988, Dean College is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to residence halls and all of the programs and services offered within them. Dean College has established procedures to ensure that students with documented disabilities have access to reasonable on-campus housing accommodations. Virtually all student needs can be met through the standard room selection process. However, students with conditions whose needs cannot be met through this process may request special housing consideration. The submission of the Housing Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation does not guarantee a specific request will be granted, but rather, will assist in evaluating accommodations. While every effort is made to honor a student’s location preference, assignments are made based on the approved accommodation(s); specific residential areas are not guaranteed.

Procedures for Requesting Housing Accommodations:

  1. Meet with the Accessibility Support Services Coordinator to discuss the accommodation request process.
  2. Complete and submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form.
  3. Have the Housing/Meal Plan Accommodation Documentation Form completed by their licensed/qualified medical provider to the Review Committee.
  4. Ensure that provider documentation is submitted to the Accessibility Support Services Coordinator. Please note that the Office of Accessibility Support Services may ask for additional information from the student and/or their practitioner.
  5. Submit their application/request in a timely manner.
  6. Reapply for Housing Accommodations each year.
  7. Forward questions regarding the process to the Office of Accessibility Support Services.

Student Responsibilities: 

  • Adhere to all policies, procedures, and deadline for applications set by Dean's Office of Residence Life. To obtain more information regarding the housing application process, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 508-541-1838.
  • Register with Accessibility Services by following the appropriate procedures. 
  • Provide Accessibility Services with appropriate documentation supporting the request for housing accommodations. Documentation to support a housing accommodation should include:
    • the disability and date of diagnosis 
    • a clear description of the requested accommodation(s); and 
    • an explanation of how the request directly relates to the impact of the disability 

Please note that students must request housing accommodations each year. If required by Accessibility Services, students must submit updated documentation. Previous accommodations are not automatically extended without submitting an updated request form and documentation for the upcoming academic year. Please be mindful of deadlines.

AIR CONDITIONING: Typically, central air conditioning is turned off no later than the second week in October and individual air conditioning units are uninstalled at that time. Air conditioning typically resumes around the second week of May.

Policy on Service and Assistance Animals

Dean College is committed to reasonably accommodating students, employees, and visitors with disabilities who require the assistance of a service animal.  Subject to the provisions of this policy, service animals will be allowed anywhere in the College where students, visitors or the public, as the case may be, are normally allowed to go, and no reasonable service animal request will be denied so as to limit a person’s access to or participation in College facilities, programs or activities.  In addition, subject to the provisions of this policy, assistance animals will be permitted in College housing, and no reasonable assistance animal request will be denied so as to limit a person’s ability to reside in College housing.  This policy is aligned with the College’s broader mission to remove barriers that prevent qualified individuals with disabilities from enjoying the same employment, education, and other opportunities that are available to persons without disabilities.  

Personal Care Assistant

A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is defined as a person who provides personal care/assistance to a student with a disability or other health care needs with activities of daily living including nursing services or assistance with normal life functions.

Dean College strives to reasonably and effectively accommodate qualified students with disabilities in accordance with applicable laws. An accommodation may require the use of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to address the personal needs of a qualified student with a disability in order for that student to fully participate in College activities, services, and programs. Students must request all accommodations, including the use of a PCA, through Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services will then determine if the student’s documentation is sufficient to support the request for the use of a PCA. It is the responsibility of the qualified student with a disability to make appropriate arrangements to obtain and maintain PCA services. The College does not coordinate, supervise or pay for PCA services and assumes no responsibility over the relationship between a student and his/her PCA.

Housing Accommodation Request Deadlines

Application Deadline for Academic Year 2020 - 2021: 

  • Returning Students: March 5, 2020  
  • Incoming Students: June 26, 2020

Deadlines were established to allow application review and accommodation considerations prior to the general housing selection process. Students are advised to start the process early to allow adequate time to obtain the necessary documentation. Keep in mind that efforts to obtain documentation from a health care provider often require advanced notice and may take several days to several weeks to prepare. Incomplete application materials may delay the eligibility-determination process. Applications submitted after the deadline will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Dean College will strive to meet late applicants’ accommodation needs, including any needs that develop during the semester; however, fewer reasonable accommodation options may be available at later points in the year. Students must request housing accommodations annually. 

The Housing Accommodation Review Committee

The committee can consist of members from any of the following offices: Accessibility Support Services, Sodexo, Student Development, Counseling Center, Health Services.

The Committee:

  • Will determine if additional information is needed to assess the requested accommodation(s)
  • Will work with the student to determine what accommodation(s) would be appropriate to meet the student's needs
  • Will promptly communicate its decision to the student in writing (or by email) 

Housing Accommodation Request Form

Students may request housing accommodations due to a disability by completing the Accessibility Services Registration Form. Accessibility Services will review requests and collaborate with the Housing Accommodations Committee to facilitate accommodations for students with disabilities who have specific housing needs.

Note: Disability-related housing needs will take precedence over specific residence hall and/or roommate requests.