Ambitious high school students are those who aren’t satisfied with sitting around all summer playing video games or scrolling through endless hours of social media posts. Instead, they want to learn more about their potential careers or actually experience what college life is really like. This is where our Massachusetts pre-college programs come into play. These programs take place on the Dean College campus for a few weeks each summer. Students live on campus (although commuting is an option) and spend their time attending lectures and getting some hands-on experience in things like forensic science and sports broadcasting. Ambitious students can even earn college credits for their successful participation in these programs.

Forensic Science

Students who think they may want to venture into forensic science will undeniably enjoy this pre-college program here in Massachusetts, which puts them right in a lab where they examine exciting elements like blood spatter patterns. Forensic pathology, as well as forensic entomology, are additional topics, and the basics of fingerprinting and trace analysis are taught as well. In addition, students have the chance to go on a behind the scenes tour of a police station and will listen to guest lectures given by experts in the field. 

Sports Broadcasting

The exciting world of sports broadcasting encompasses much more than just interviewing players and coaches. Students learn the ins and outs of giving live play-by-plays, as well as handling live radio broadcasts. By the end of the two week pre-college program, participants will have produced a professional on-air reel and will have toured three different stadiums, those belonging to the New England Patriots, as well as Gillette Stadium and McCoy Stadium, going behind the scenes of each. Like the forensics program, several industry professionals will give guest lectures for the students. 

Dean College Pre-College Programs

The Massachusetts pre-college programs at Dean College take place for two weeks over the summer. This gives participating students plenty of time to enjoy the rest of their summer, whether they prefer to work a part-time job or spend time with their friends. For the two weeks that students are on campus, they will live in a dorm (if they choose not to commute), eat in the cafeteria, and go on planned excursions in their free time. Examples include trips to Urban Air Adventure Pare, Patriot Place, and attending professional sporting events. On top of that, students who complete the program and go on to attend Dean College can earn college credits!

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