A Dean College student on their computer completing the online business program

Whether you're unhappy with your current career or you’re looking to take your career to the next level, obtaining a degree or certificate in business is always a good idea. At Dean College, we have several online business programs, making it easy for you to balance both work and school at the same time. Since not everyone has the ability to quit their job and go to school full-time in order to further their professional life, learning on your own time, as long as you adhere to schedule, is always a great move for the future.

Enhance Your Career

If you love your current workplace but need a degree or certificate in order to move ahead, then learning more about our online business management programs is a great first step. No matter which program you choose, you'll learn just what you need to be better at your job. You'll learn things like marketing, budgeting, finance, and leadership, among others, providing you with a solid foundation for advancement opportunities at your current place of employment. Sometimes, you just need to gain a little extra specialty knowledge in order to climb that corporate ladder.

Start a New Career

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a total career change, our online business degree programs can help you do just that. The classes include a solid foundation in business skills, allowing you to take the knowledge that you've learned and apply it to a number of different industries. After all, topics like human resource development, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior can be applied to almost all workplaces and having knowledge of them will only help you expand your career options.

Balance Work and School

For some people, balancing work and school is the only option. They need to support their family, so they need to generate income, leaving them with limited time for the courses that they have to take in order to better themselves. This is where an online business program really shines – they impart all the information that a traditional in-person degree or certificate does, but with the flexibility of being able to watch lectures and submit assignments online, making it easier to get an education and work at the same time.

Three Different Options

At Dean College, we have three different options for students who want to either change their careers or enhance them. There's a traditional Bachelor's degree in business with a concentration in management that includes everything that the four-year programs typically do, such as general education courses, as well as the specific ones that adhere to the business and management major. In addition, you could choose to enroll in an Associate degree program that includes a balance of both the general education and business courses, or a certificate program that only includes the business courses, leaving you with the specialized knowledge that you’re seeking, but without the time involved in earning a four-year degree. An online business program may just be the boost or pivot your career needs! Ready to get started? Take the first step!