Students in broadcasting booth at Patriots Radio as part of their pre-college summer program

Many high school students would benefit from a pre-college program. These programs take place in the summer, in between school years, and last for a specified amount of time that varies based on the program and the college that offers it. If high school students want to experience a little bit of college life, as well as learn a lot about a subject that interests them, these pre-college options are a wonderful opportunity. However, you need to know what to look for when choosing one.

Interested in checking out the opportunities that pre-college programs can present? Here are some signs that the program is a good fit for your student.

Students Enjoy Hands-on Activities

The best pre-college programs consist of a combination of lectures, given in a traditional classroom, as well as hands-on activities related to the subject. For example, students in a sports broadcasting program may have the chance to give play-by-play of a live sporting event or put together a video recap of a recent game, complete with a player interview. Those who want to learn more about forensics might spend time in a lab looking at things like blood spatter, as well as have the opportunity to lift fingerprints off of model crime scene surfaces. These activities make the information more accessible and fun at the same time. 

The Ability to Earn College Credits

While some programs are worth attending simply because of the information that they present, as well as the fact that they are a great way for high schoolers to meet like-minded people, the best programs provide the ability to earn a college credit or two. Once the program is completed, including any final projects that are required, students should receive a transcript, or similar record, stating that they have earned a certain number of credits that their future college may accept.

Subjects That Interest Students

There’s little point in signing up for a summer pre-college program if it is a subject matter the student doesn’t have any interest in learning more about. For the best possible outcome and successful completion of a program, ensure that the topics being taught will be of interest. This is why you need to look at programs that are designed for specific subjects, like the sports broadcasting or forensics pre-college programs at Dean College.

A Chance to Experience College Life

Living in the dorms, eating dining hall food, and getting to know your fellow students are all benefits of pre-college programs. Students can see what college life is like for a week or two, giving them something to look forward to once they graduate from high school.

Check Out the Pre-College Programs at Dean College

Ready to check out some pre-college program options? Look no further! Dean College has a number of pre-college summer programs designed for high school students. If your student wants to spend some time on campus learning about a certain subject and completing hands-on activities, then check out our list of programs. Join us today!