Forensics Pre-College Program students

High school students who want a taste of college life, complete with staying in a dorm, will love a pre-college summer program to get their feet wet. On top of providing chances to meet new friends and find out what college is like before you graduate from high school, the pre-college programs offered by Dean College also give high schoolers a chance to learn more about their desired profession and discover what college lectures and coursework truly look like.

Students can earn college credits for completing these programs, giving them a leg up on their college careers. With two different programs to choose from, Forensics and Sports Broadcasting, students looking to get into either field can find the summer program of their dreams at Dean College.


For high schoolers who think they might want to go into forensics, our Forensics Pre-College Summer Program is a great way to spend a week. There are two different weekly options: one that runs from July 24 to July 29, and one that goes from July 31 to August 5. During that time, students can either live in the dorms with their fellow forensic-interested peers or choose the commuter option. Either way, the five-day program won't interfere with a student's ability to work a summer job or have fun, making it a win-win situation.

As far as what's covered in the Forensics program, students will be thrilled to spend ample time in the lab. They'll learn about everything from forensics entomology to blood spatter analysis, as well as some fingerprinting, trace evidence analysis, forensic pathology and forensic serology. On top of the lab time, there are plenty of lectures given by experts in the field, a trip to the Franklin Police Station and many more hands-on experiences.

Sports Broadcasting

Our Sports Broadcasting Pre-College Summer Program runs during the same weeks as the forensics program: July 24-29 and July 31-August 5. The same two options, commuter and on-campus/overnight are available, and high schoolers will get the chance to learn more about the exciting field of sports broadcasting.

Students will attend lectures by professionals in the field, who will offer up plenty of tips on how to handle a live broadcast. They'll also get the chance to do a play-by-play of a sporting event, put together a professional reel, and earn college credit for their time spent in the program. Included in the week-long program are trips to professional sports stadiums where students get to go behind the scenes and really get a feel for what their future career could entail.

Why Choose a Pre-College Summer Program?

High school students who want to learn more about these two career options and get a taste of college life will enjoy spending time on the campus during these pre-college summer programs. The combination of college-style lectures and hands-on activities makes the programs fun and educational at the same time, ideal for high school students who want something that makes them stand out on their college applications. Ready to take your summer to the next level? Sign up, today.